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Get answers to all of your workplace questions, from "What's the best way to manage assigned and flexible seating?" to "Why doesn't anyone use this meeting room?" and more.

Workplace change is difficult and people are often resistant to it. Do you have best practices for reconciling those things?

  • Offices
Answered by Brendan O'Neil
This comes up a lot. People are inherently territorial and at work, big changes are often accompanied by resistance, especially when it rela...
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How can we reduce and disperse seating to encourage physical distancing in the office?

  • Offices
Answered by Brendan O'Neil
We’re thinking about this a lot right now! We hosted a webinar called, “...
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What are the best ways to keep the office clean and employees safe?

  • Offices
Answered by Gabrielle Dalvet
As we get closer to “reopening the office day” – whenever that time comes – I think we’ll see more examples and best practices for physical ...
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What are best practices for digital signage around the office?

  • Signage
Answered by Nirvanna Lildharrie
We think about the answer to your question in a few ways, mainly 1) where to put signage and then 2) what the signage says....
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