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What are best practices for digital signage around the office?

Answered by:
Nirvanna Lildharrie
Enterprise Account Executive

We think about the answer to your question in a few ways, mainly 1) where to put signage and then 2) what the signage says.

  1. This blog post is a quick guide on where to place different types of digital signage in the office. We broke it down by a map view and a list view but think some of the points there can help in terms of where to put signage and why. Mainly, there’s a section about touchless, passive info gathering that would be, especially relevant post-COVID-19. 

  2. For our status boards, we don’t currently support customized messages, though that’s something our product teams are actively working on since we’ve heard how helpful it would be to have guidelines displayed throughout the office. The CDC has a ton of helpful guidelines and the section “Educate employees about how they can reduce the spread of COVID-19” on this page would be a great place to reference for overall safety messaging for shared spaces. 

  3. One thing that comes up a lot in our conversations with customers is intent vs. use. As you’re laying out and designing your floor plan, determine the intent of each space and how you expect them to be used. Make sure that’s properly communicated with your team, not only through digital signage, but also email and other communication platforms like Slack. In the space itself, using signage (posters, wall art, digital tools) in new places to indicate the intent will help drive adoption.

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