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How can we reduce and disperse seating to encourage physical distancing in the office?

Answered by:
Brendan O'Neil
Go-To-Market Lead

We’re thinking about this a lot right now! We hosted a webinar called, “Six feet of separation: Social distancing in the office after COVID-19” all about how physical distancing will continue to impact our lives and the workplace is no exception. The office will reopen soon and workplace teams need to prepare. Government guidelines require social distancing throughout the office, but there’s more to it than simply revising your floor plan.

One of the biggest questions we’re getting from customers is, “Where do we start?” We’ve taken that and explored how we can help companies map out their floor plan to support distance planning. One way is with our desk management tool, which helps you solidify your seating chart first with simple ways to make certain desks available based on what that six-foot radius is for day one. 

Instead of using spreadsheets or PowerPoints (which we’ve seen many teams using right now), the goal is to effectively communicate floor plans across teams and make changes quickly.

Two other tips:

Rotate desks for cleaning: Make certain desks or resources unavailable on certain days of the week. If it’s clear what desks are fair game on a certain day that makes it easier to create a cleaning schedule around what was most recently used on a specific day. 

Use desks to work in shifts: If you wanted to try out having employees come back to in shifts you could enable permissions so certain people can only book desks or spaces on certain days and others can book resources other days. We’ve heard it referred to as an A/B schedule similar to middle or high school schedules.

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