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What are the best ways to keep the office clean and employees safe?

Answered by:
Gabrielle Dalvet
Brand Strategy Manager

As we get closer to “reopening the office day” – whenever that time comes – I think we’ll see more examples and best practices for physical health + sanitation items. We wrote up a blog post for keeping the workplace safe and clean in general as a starting point here.

While COVID-19 has changed our perspective on nearly everything from a quick coffee to an international flight, one of the most important ways it’s changed how we look at the world is our awareness of our indoor environment. Once we return to the office, we’ll find ourselves thinking differently about the equipment and surfaces around us, reaching for a disinfecting wipe in instances we’d never have given a second thought. That planning process has already started for most of us.

Whether engaging in maintenance cleaning, or CDC-advised disinfection for exposed spaces, office cleaning practices come down to the same basic tenets: The right equipment, a solid plan, and a team. A few highlights from our office safety and health checklist include:

  • Use the right process. While our reaction to the virus has been (understandably) to default to “disinfect everything,” in everyday situations the CDC recommends cleaning rather than disinfection.

  • Start with a plan. To create a cleaning routine, it helps to think about the typical hotspots that transmit bacteria and viruses. Make a note of the traffic through certain parts of the office and high-touch areas where typical transmission is higher than others.

  • Promote good hygiene. In the wake of social distancing, getting your team on board with office hygiene likely won’t meet with much resistance. Even so, there are several ways you can encourage your staff to keep up these healthy habits once things start to settle into the new normal. 

Little bonus: Everyone has phones, tablets, computers and those things get dirty quickly. We found Apple’s tech cleaning guidelines helpful: 

For more specifics, check out our full checklist here.

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