A 2-Minute Guide to Standing Desks

So you’re ready to stand & and work at the same time? Welcome to the future.

The Basics

While “sitting kills” (maybe) you will do plenty of damage if you don’t use a standing desk correctly. That’s right, you don’t even know how to stand. Doing it right is easy, observe.


  1. Arms rest at about a 90° angle for typing
  2. Top of your monitor is eye height
  3. That’s it

You should look like this fella 👇

The Hardware

Naturally, there is a wide range of options to get a standing desk. Some as cheap as “a stack of books” all the way up to top notch hardware (motorized tables and such).

The basics
Retrofitting your current desk is pretty easy. I used an old Pelican Suitcase on an Ikea desk. My favorite for getting started would be The Spark by Ergodriven.

A step up
The Wirecutter has given its seal of approval to the Jarvis Bamboo ($470) 🙏

Going pro (in the office)
Renew Link from Herman Miller. The Robin office runs on these desks.

Now go, stand like a professional.

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