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Office Help At Your Fingertips: Introducing Support Services

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The Robin Team
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Things break, we get it. Every day hundreds of devices, rooms and technical nuances have problems. It’s become quite the epidemic. Luckily, we’ve introduced a new way to help you contact the right person to fix the problem you’re experiencing at the exact moment it happens.

These are office problems only, sorry.We’re excited to introduce what we’re calling support services, available for those on pro plans and above. Simply put, support services are an easy way to give everyone on your team a direct line to the departments, help desks, and speciality professionals that keep your office running smoothly.  Want to see how to start using this feature? Check out our support doc here.

A Better Way to Connect to your Office and Its Services

Many of you sent us emails asking for better ways to connect with the right person in facilities, IT, etc. This got us thinking. What if there was a better way to send an email to facilities to let them know that the air conditioner is broken in the conference room as soon as it happens -- right from the room display.Now, you can. Available on the room display, you can report an issue right from the room as it happens. A few of the use cases we’ve seen among early adopters:

  • Let IT know about the broken Apple TV that caused your meeting to start late
  • Report a leak in the ceiling to facilities
  • Ask the office admin to help coordinate your all-day team breakout session
Robin conference room software demo

Support services are also available on the web dashboard. Just open a space in the web dashboard and you’ll see a callout on the right hand side under “Extra Options.”

Screenshot of Robin app

Then, you’ll get something like this:

Screenshot of Robin web app

What’s Up Next: Revamped Search

Support Services is a framework that’s the first step in helping you be more efficient in the office. Issue reporting is just the beginning. Soon you’ll see the ability to tie into things like meeting services, where you’ll be able to contact an administrator who owns a particular meeting and ask them to change something.Also in the works is a total revamped search capability to help you not only book the right room, but better plan and manage your schedule.

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