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The Ingredients of Robin, Part 5: Presence

Some say context is king. Others say it can be the difference between making and losing money. In an office, understanding how spaces are being used and by whom, can only improve the efficiency of which they’re managed.

With Presence in rooms, you can automate checkins and gather more data about how rooms are being used.

For Robin, presence sensing is our fifth and final ingredient.

What are beacons?

iBeacon radius coverageBeacons are small, chicken nugget-sized devices that emit a Bluetooth signal. Beacons send a one way signal to nearby devices, letting your smartphone recognize where its located (or nearby points of interest). 

How does Robin use Bluetooth sensors?

Robin uses Beacons to get a better context of how (or if) a space is being used. When a room has a beacon in it, Robin can send you a notification if you’ve been there for more than 10 minutes and have forgotten to book it.

Here are some of the ways Robin uses Presence:

  • Automate checkins on tablets
  • Notifications (5 minutes before your meeting, or to book a room you’re in)
  • Better analytics
  • Occupancy of non-calendared spaces

With Presence in your rooms, you can enable automatic checkins and have a better understanding of what’s going on in your office. For example, you will be able to know who is in the room, where they are in the office, and provides accurate information to be displayed on the mobile app. That way, when you want to get a better sense of who is in the office and what’s truly reflective of the current state of affairs, it’ll be up-to-date.

A smarter office

As we start to move towards a world with smarter offices, the future will be a place filled with things better communicating with each other. Understanding who and what are being used in your office is just the start, but we’re excited to be able to contribute to the next layer of the narrative: why these things are there together and how we can help you better manage your office.

Want more info on bluetooth and beacons? Go here.