A 2 minute guide to standing desks

So you’re ready to stand & and work at the same time? Welcome to the future. The Basics While “sitting kills” (maybe) you will do plenty of damage if you don’t use a standing desk correctly. That’s right, you don’t even know how to stand. Doing it right is easy,…


Inside MemSQL: Where History and Data Collide

MemSQL was founded on the principle that businesses needed to leverage data to make every moment work in their favor. Companies like Pinterest, Samsung and Akamai depend on their solution set to turn insights into actions. Located in the heart of San Francisco, their office was something that needed to…


Inside Vidyard: A Video Platform Brought to Life

Vidyard is transforming the way brands leverage video to communicate their messages to the world, in a measurable and insightful way. Headquartered in Canada, Vidyard’s office was built with the intention of emulating the creativity of the brands they help each day. From hanging chairs, to the furniture layouts in…


ICYMI: Product Updates in April 2017

Highlights from the past month or so, as seen in the official changelog. Plugins for Google Calendar & Microsoft Outlook Calendar plugins are here! Pull in more information about spaces, see photos, filter by availability and amenities while creating events right from your native calendar. See what the plugins can do in…


Now Available: Google and Outlook Plugins for Robin

We’ve been working on making booking the right room for your events simpler using Robin. Today, we’re excited to debut Chrome and Firefox browser extensions to display extra space information when booking a room directly from Google or Outlook calendars. How it Works With Robin browser extensions you can bring…

Future of Work

How to Choose Meeting Room Scheduling Software

As offices evolve from cubicles to workplaces that are molded for its employees, more and more conversations are being had on the different kinds of workplace tech and their ROI. What’s the ROI of room scheduling software? It’s different for each company, but it’s the difference between knowing, and not…

Future of Work

The Building Blocks of an Office

Offices are built to help employees do their best work, while cultivating an experience that builds both a memorable brand, and a strong business. Under the microscope, that means, “are we collaborating and doing the things we need to do to grow the business and have a place people love…


A Handy Recurring Meeting Policy for Your Office

Recurring meetings are the some of the most anxiety-driven instances in the office. They’re responsible for about 60% of all meetings that take place, yet most employees feel that they’re mismanaged. Why Do Recurring Meetings Get Messy? Organizations have their own policies, the office police make their rounds — yet…

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