Robin for developers: Progress update

The Robin Team
The Robin Team
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Oh hello. Today we’re going to give you an update about our progress on bringing you the highly anticipated developer’s beta.

I know what you’re thinking: How do they have any time left for “real” work between hacking teddy bears, dispensing succinct, and out of this world explanations of the Internet of Things and well, cleaning the office?

But it’s true; we are actually building stuff. Here are the highlights of the past month.

Fresh API’s

We’ve made great headway building out the data channels for our Robin Spaces technology. When combined with our upcoming Identity tools, which track who is in a space based on unique identifiers and user permissions, this capability will track not only if a person has entered a space but also who that person is. Then the objects in the space can react accordingly.

Identity Interface

A big piece of what we're doing is the Robin Identity mobile app, which is how spaces using Robin will know who is present. Think of it as a passport for the real world, where the information you share changes based on the location. We've been wire-framing up a storm, here's a peek:


On the hardware side, we just shipped a new design of our ambient sensor board. Here it is:

We’re heads down and looking forward to the launch this spring. In the meantime we look forward to getting to know you before the launch. Subscribe to our blog in the form below this post and be sure to stay in touch with us on Twitter. Have a great week!