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The Robin Team
The Robin Team
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The dashboard's home screen went through a big makeover this past week in an effort to make finding rooms easier. The old office overview was a weird place to find office resources. It lived halfway between a couple useful features, and didn’t do anything unique on its own.

We changed that.

The right room for the job

Finding the right space to work is often more important than getting a calendar event on the books. With that in mind, we transformed the overview into a full-on room search. You can now filter rooms based on availability up to a week in the future. You can finally stop comparing colored rectangles inside shared office calendars just to get work done.

The new room search scheduling tool

Or if you just want to see what's going on around the office, there's now a dedicated section for that too:

Unavailable room search results

We also taught the search results to be smart about their schedule recommendations. If you pick a time where everything is booked, it will automatically recommend nearby times with openings. This way you can start with a time in mind, and see which spaces can make it work. No more guess and check. Learn about more features in Robin that make scheduling meetings easier.

What’s next?

Time and date is a good start, but we have some more search improvements coming soon. Meetings include more than just a room, and finding the right equipment can also be tricky. How much more would you get done if you could search for things like “free conference rooms with a whiteboard”?

Filtering by space amenities

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