Updating everyone when your event changes with Google Calendar

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For background, Robin will always try to update the event organizer's calendar when meetings end early, extend, etc. This has a few nice benefits over just updating the room resource's version. Here's an average use case:

Alice schedules a 60 minute meeting on her calendar and invites the conference room. By some miracle, it ends 30 minutes early. She presses "End Meeting" on the room display on her way out of the room. Robin adjusts her calendar event to end at the current time, which then updates everyone's (including the conference room) schedule.

By adjusting the organizer's event instead of just the room's copy, everyone invited will also get the update. This mean's Alice's calendar will always reflect her actual availability for co-workers. You can imagine a similar scenario for clearing everyone's schedules when a meeting is canceled.When you schedule a new meeting with Google, you are known as the "Organizer". This means that your copy of the event is the primary version, and everyone invited has a version controlled by you.Here's what it looks like if you edit the room's version of the event:

Editing invited room calendar in Google

If you edit the organizer's version, everyone else's copy updates automatically. This is one of the benefits of using the same calendar systems as your invitees.

Editing organizer calendar event in Google

This is easy to visualize using Google Calendar. In this case we just edit the room's event and nobody else is updated: