Tracking conference room usage: A policy template

Tracking conference room usage: A policy template

Real estate is one of the top expenses at any company which is why understanding how space is used is critical in order to maximize workplace value. Dive into conference room utilization with this policy template to better measure space performance.

About this template

How to know if your company needs conference room usage tracking

If you’re reading this, you’re might be struggling to effectively manage conference room usage in your organization. In order to make informed decisions around space planning, you need to accurately track room usage across the office. If you're having a hard time answering the following questions, a policy may be in order:

  • How many meetings are abandoned? How can we avoid having unused rooms?
  • What type of meeting habits are we creating and where can we improve workplace culture?
  • What type of meetings are happening in each space type?
  • Do employees have the right space type, capacity fit, and resources for their variety of meetings?

Using this template, you'll be able to customize what conference room usage tracking entails in your office, which conference room usage metrics you'll track, when (and how) employees can report issues with conference rooms and spaces, how your company will enforce rules to require check-ins and reduce no-show meetings, and what's expected from employees, including providing feedback, reserving conference room spaces based on meeting type, and more.

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