Meeting room reservation guidelines and policy template

Meeting room reservation guidelines and policy template

If your office experiences abandoned meetings, low RSVP rates, or people can’t tell when rooms are available, you likely need a meeting room reservation policy. Customize a policy using our template and watch as the headaches disappear.

About this template

How to know if your company needs a meeting room reservation system or policy

You landed on this page for a reason. Odds are meeting room management is a pain and coworkers constantly fight over the most popular spaces in the office. You need a meeting room reservation policy in place if your office runs into these issues:

  • Abandoned meetings and no-shows
  • Impromptu meetings are impossible due to a lack of insight into what spaces are available
  • Amenities/meeting room layout and meeting type are a constant mismatch
  • Meeting rooms are constantly overbooked
  • Rooms are stolen and meetings interrupted for C-level meetings, interviews, large get-togethers, and more
How to customize a meeting room reservation policy & get your company on board

In this template, you'll find ways to customize how you expect employees to find and reserve meeting rooms, who is eligible to reserve specific meeting rooms, when and how to report issues, what's expected from the employee, and more.

Any adjustments to office processes take solid change management, training and encouragement, especially when it comes to the way people meet and collaborate. We outline ways to outlines workplace change in a cohesive and organized way.

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