Global Headcount: ___
Remote Employees: ___

Based on ___ hybrid employees, your optimal setup can include:

employee reserving a desk with Robin
A flexible office desk


flexible desks.

Hybrid work is less predictable than the traditional 9 to 5. There needs to be space dedicated to hot desking, flexible seating, and guests in your office. These desks will seat a rotation of people, depending on the day. 

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An employee with an assigned seat
Assigned seating for employees


assigned seats.

A more flexible approach to work doesn’t mean there will be no assigned seats. Some people love the energy of the office and will opt in for 4+ days; these desks will be dedicated to them. 

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Booking a collaboration space with Robin
a collaboration space in a hybrid office.


spaces for collaboration.

Connection and communication are at the heart of any successful business. Every office should have dedicated space for meetings, brainstorms and other collaborative work.

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This estimated recommendation is based on Robin data and assumes an average office utilization rate of __%. An in-depth hybrid setup recommendation would depend on a wide range of factors, including location, industry, company structure, and more.