Understanding Gen Z: How to Win the Race for Talent

Gen Z lived through everything from the explosion of social media to social distancing. But what does that all mean for their working lives? We surveyed 600 Gen Z professionals to find out.


We set out to better understand how and where Gen Z employees want to work, what they look for in an employer, and what they hope to gain from their work experience. Turns out, this generation wants three main things: 

  1. Flexible work options: 33% of Gen Z surveyed that work full time in an office prefer that setup, but 46% wished they were hybrid. 
  2. Diverse and progressive employers: 88% of Gen Z workers said workplace culture is important to their job satisfaction.
  3. Financial stability: 44% reported that they would stay in a job they weren’t happy with, provided the salary was satisfying.

Download the full report to better understand what Gen Z expects from their employers.