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Office Space Calculator

Upgrade the ROI of your Office Space

Understand how much meeting room space (and $$$) Robin can free up in your workplace

Your colleagues constantly complain about meeting room availability, but you swear you have enough space. Oftentimes, this is due to the two major calendar systems - Google and Outlook - and their inability to automatically free up space if meetings are moved or ghosted. That’s where Robin and this office space calculator come in: our customers see an immediate increase in meeting room space thanks to our recapture tool.

Want to find out how much you can save? Answer two questions and see the math in action.

Question 1
How many people work in your office?

< 100

Up to 6 rooms


Up to 12 rooms


Up to 50 rooms


Up to 250 rooms


250+ rooms

Question 2
How busy/full is your office on an average day?

Lightly busy

Easy to find a meeting space

Moderately busy

Somewhat tough to find a meeting space

Very busy

Hard to find a meeting space

Ready to start saving?


Thinking of moving to a new office?

If saving space in your existing workplace isn’t for you, maybe a new office is on the horizon. Download our office move planning guide instead that covers all the necessities of an office move, including relocation, size, space and costs.

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