Room scheduling software

Do more with a smarter office

Get quick access to conference room information. Schedule meetings in a snap and use data to make better decisions about space.

Office managers, trade in your referee whistle

Put an end to meeting space battles.

Room displays show availability at a glance so people can find a free conference room without asking for help. No-shows become a thing of the past with meeting room check ins.

Simplify your day

Help everyone help themselves

You’ll have time to sip your coffee while it's still hot when everyone in the office can book their own meetings. The calendar view shows the entire office schedule, making it easy for them to select the right time and place for a new meeting.

Other ways Robin makes your day easier

Facilities managers, grab your room intel

Stop guessing about meeting room usage.

Robin’s room scheduling software analytics tells you what conference rooms are used most and which ones sit empty. See occupancy and availability live when you need a real time view of your space.

Know who's inside without opening the door

Room displays help you see through walls.

These tablets show easy-to-read colors when conference rooms are free, booked, or in use. Meeting details are shown at the door, so everyone can find who's in the meeting and who canceled.

IT administrators, rest easy

It's simple to get Robin rolling.

Calendar integration happens smoothly and people schedule rooms for themselves from their existing calendar or Robin. With room analytics you can monitor rooms with specific equipment to learn how people use them.

Available on all devices

If you have a favorite platform, use it.

Apps run in iOS and Android so users can view and book meetings from mobile, tablet and web. Room displays mounted outside conference rooms make it possible to start and end meetings at the door.

Room scheduling software that gives you superpowers

Manage your meetings like a hero.

Know who’s in a meeting. Spot what rooms are available or booked in seconds. Learn what conference rooms are used the most and which ones sit empty.

Robin makes your office smarter so people can focus on work not logistics.

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