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Our workplace experience tools help make flexible work simple while empowering you to make data-based decisions about office space.

  • Manage meeting space and desk inventory on an office map that allows you to see who is working where.
  • Empower employees to work where they want by booking their own desks and meeting rooms.
  • Leverage analytics to see over and under-utilized spaces, identify patterns in occupancy, and proactively improve your office.

Deliver the best workplace experience

Office map with avatars
Manage access to the office
Employees can book exactly what they need before arriving — rooms, desks, and beyond.
Desk booking ui
Bring everyone back safely
Control who has access to specific rooms or desks and when.
Office with avatars and heat map of office density.
Measure office demand
Uncover how to tailor your office to your team's needs with data-driven decisions.
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