Desk management with social distancing tools

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When you go back to the office after a months-long stretch of working from home as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, your seating strategy will need to change for the short term. While we’re deciding who gets to sit in the office, on which day, you can start advanced planning scenarios for physically distancing people. Desk management with social distance projections helps you understand how to manage the capacity of your office so you can return prepared. Easily communicate changes to your people as capacity requirements and government guidelines change.

We can help you answer and manage essential questions like:

  • Plan: How should I configure my floor to meet social distancing requirements?

  • People: How should I arrange desks to stagger people in the office effectively?

  • Safety: How can I review which people used certain parts of the office?

Our workplace experts can help with planning for social distancing in the workplace. Get a customized demo of our desk management tools today and start planning a safer office environment for your teams.