Meeting room booking system

A better way to manage your meeting rooms

Really simple room scheduling & analytics. Book meeting rooms from any device.

Meeting room display

Mount an iPad or Android tablet by your conference room to reduce booking conflicts and reserve from the door.

Rooms for iPad and Android tablets

Meeting room schedule tablet display - Robin Rooms

“Robin has been incredible for our office productivity. Booking meetings takes a fraction of the time (and personnel) it once did.”

Chris Petescia
Chief Experience Officer at Carrot Creative

Chris Petescia from Carrot Creative

Connect your meeting room calendar

Robin syncs with what you have. Changes made through Robin are instantly reflected on your existing calendars (and vice versa). It's scheduling made easy.

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Supported calendars: Google, Microsoft Office 365 & Microsoft Exchange (2007, 2010 & 2013).

Support for Google and Microsoft Calendars

“We're a very user-experience minded organization and Robin has helped us crack the "which conference room is free RIGHT NOW" problem without adding any annoying overhead to user interaction.”

Nick Bonadies
Director of IT and Office Management at The Barbarian Group

Nick Bonadies from Barbarian Group

Search engine for your office

Find and schedule the right room based on what you need. Rooms report their availability and capacity automatically, so you don't have to guess. Search Robin and book a meeting room from web or mobile.

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Office search and room schedule management dashboard

Meeting room booking system that Works from your phone

Find the perfect time and schedule the room straight from your phone. Robin's room booking software is super fast, so you can get more done.

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Robin mobile scheduling and search for iOS and Android

“Robin provides a stable integration with our Google Apps ecosystem, up-to-date information, and easy on-the-spot booking.”

Matt Krohn
Help Desk Manager at Dyn

Matt Krohn from Dyn

Analytics for the office

Meeting room booking software that lets you know how your office is being used. Analyze trends in conference room use over time. Optimize your facility with utilization and occupancy insights.

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Facility analytics and meeting room usage reports

Detect occupancy live

See when rooms are in use. Room calendars manage themselves when people enter and exit meetings.

Automatic room scheduling

Meeting room booking system requires Bluetooth beacons and Robin on your phone.

Occupancy sensors and live presence with iBeacons

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