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Create an office that supports your people & their work

With workplace experience software, help people do their best work by giving everyone the ability to understand, use, and advance their workplace. Space scheduling, desk management, wayfinding, and office analytics made easy.

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Deliver a great workplace experience

With specialized tools for space and desk management, you get everything you need to reserve conference rooms and desks, find the right people, and optimize how your office is used.

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Make it easy to book a space for the task at hand with exactly the right fit and resources. Remove abandoned meetings and optimize workplace usage for higher productivity.

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Manage your seating chart however you work today, or jump into more flexible arrangements like hot desking. Refine your seating strategy as projects change and the company grows.

Interactive office maps

Book spaces or desks, find colleagues, and get an up-to-date view of the workplace floor plan via touch-screen status boards, your desktop, or the Robin mobile app.

Maximize productivity per square foot

Ensure every part of your office supports workplace productivity for the whole company, even as work changes.

Find people and spaces fast

The average employee wastes 30 minutes every day looking for co-workers and a place to work. Robin helps people find who they’re looking for, the best-fit meeting room, and the perfect desk without wasting time wandering around the office.

Match spaces to types of work

Productivity suffers when people can’t easily find and book the workspace that best supports the task at hand. Robin automatically surfaces available spaces and desks with the right mix of equipment and resources needed to get the job done.

Manage meeting rooms and seating charts

When floor plans are stuck in spreadsheets, issues like overbooked spaces and underused areas surface. Robin makes it easy for team leads to manage meeting room booking permissions, office seating charts, and desk reservations.

Optimize office space

Stolen rooms? Irritated employees? No quiet spaces? These are signs you can make better use of your office. Workplace analytics tell facilities what’s working well and what needs to change in order to help your team work best.

Get more out of your space with workplace analytics

Optimize existing space, plan for growth, and make the workplace more flexible and accessible with actionable suggestions based on your office data and industry best practices.

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Integrate with apps you love on the devices you already know

Connect Robin to the tools you already use via Crestron, iPad, or Android devices as room displays. Show off maps on large-format displays or interactive kiosks.

Supported Devices

Works with Crestron, iPad, or Android tablets.

Robin powers thousands of offices

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“I love the map tool, where you can search for somebody and go, ‘Oh! They’re actually in the office today. Where are they? There they are on my map.’ It’s a huge timesaver for everyone.”

Heather Metcalfe

Office Manager at Health Catalyst


Jumpstart workplace experience, activity-based work, flexible seating, and more.

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Misconceptions of the Activity-Based Working Model, from Veldhoen + Company

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Built for your workplace

From traditional to more flexible offices, Robin powers it all.

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Evan Birch

Finance and IT Manager at Bench

"When you’re taking multiple floors and many types of meeting spaces, it becomes a project in and of itself to make sure things stay organized. Robin lets us quickly mobilize new spaces in the system, get room displays up and running, and have everyone using the space to its potential on day one."

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