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Robin simplifies scheduling, visibility, and management of meeting rooms, desks, and people in your workplace.

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Make your office work for you.


Run your workplace, not vice versa

A better workplace experience for the whole company.

  • Scheduling for rooms and desks

    Integrations for Google & Outlook calendars

  • Meeting room signage

    Digital signage for tablets and televisions

  • Space management

    Real-time office maps and workplace analytics

  • Enterprise-ready

    Security & policies for large deployments

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Yes! Robin works with G Suite, Office 365, and Exchange

Let your team focus on meaningful work

Robin prevents scheduling problems that interrupt the workday.

Remove abandoned meetings automatically

Robin removes “ghost” meetings automatically, keeping rooms available for people that need them.

Is anyone using this room? Is this meeting happening?

Abandoned meetings, booo! 👎

1 in 4

meetings get abandoned

Find the right room,
no “guess & check”

Suggested spaces and times for each activity — recommendations improve as Robin learns your office and your schedule.

No more 2 person meetings in 12 person conference rooms!

I can never find rooms with whiteboards 🤷‍♀️


searches result in booking

Built for flexible workplaces

Activity based work? Teammates all over the place? Robin keeps up.

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