Meeting Room & Desk Manager

Scheduling for your office & everything in it

Robin is an easy way to coordinate the people, spaces, and things in your office.

Robin works with your existing calendars:
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Improve every corner of the workplace

Make it easier for everyone to manage their workday throughout the office. From meeting rooms to workstations, and all the routes in between.


Untangle the endless space shuffle and make the most of your existing office.

Free up space


Fixed seats that aren’t a guessing game and reservations for activity-based work.

Flex your desks


Get a line of sight on the entire office from a bird's eye view as you schedule your day.

Interactive Floor Plans

Want to improve visibility? Meet Status Board and Rooms, our room display app.

Robin integrates with other systems designed to make your workplace better

  • Video conferencing

    Include links to Google Meet, Zoom, and BlueJeans conference calls when creating events in Robin. Everyone can join the call from the event invite.

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    • Google Meet
  • Communication tools

    We help everyone find rooms and get notified of events changes from inside the Slack and Cisco Spark (beta) messaging apps.

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  • Enterprise solutions

    Managing larger teams and offices is easy with tools like wayfinding with Aruba and Single-Sign On support via Okta, OneLogin, and any SAML 2.0 provider.

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Thousands of company schedules, powered by Robin

Robin helps companies use their workspaces more efficiently and make decisions based on actual data, not guesses.

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