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Understand how your spaces are used

With Robin, you can report on:


Office usage

  • Historical usage and forecasting

  • Occupancy data by department

  • In-office policy reporting


Meeting rooms

  • Room usage by type

  • Average capacity and duration

  • Recaptured room time

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Desk bookings

  • Desk usage by floor

  • Hot desks, hoteling and assigned seats

  • Desk utilization across buildings

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Desk bookings by type

Accelerate data-driven decision making

Go beyond resource utilization management with insights that help you to assess workplace experiences and adapt as needed

Provide the right resources

Identify which desks and rooms are used the most so you can outfit your spaces appropriately

Create the right processes

Remove barriers between your people and the office by understanding what drives engagement

Custom dashboards and analytics api

Turn your workplace data into a strategic advantage

Make sure you have all of the information you need to make smarter decisions about your office for better business outcomes.

Editing a custom dashboard in Robin
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Customize office insights

Tailor workplace insights to your business and build custom dashboards – no code required.

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Share key information

Automate detailed reports of workforce data and insights to share with your leadership team.

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Access the data you need

Easily access historical, accurate data points for better future planning with our analytics API.

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Space suggestions in Robin

Surface space recommendations in real time

Understand utilization rates across all buildings, floors, departments, roles, desks and rooms

Get personalized insights

Improve productivity and satisfaction with data-driven recommendations based on your unique office usage

Identify patterns

Spot trends in how your employees are using the office so you can allocate space and plan for the future

Make better decisions that benefit your people


Employee feedback

Get a workplace experience score that helps identify strengths and opportunities for improvement.

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Space utilization insights

Track and analyze desks, rooms, and occupancy data segmented by type, department, floor and more.

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Usage forecasting

Forecast office usage trends. Optimize your workplace based on future needs and patterns.

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In-office policy reporting

Assess the effectiveness of your in-office work policies. Use insights to refine your hybrid approach.

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Custom dashboards

Use Robin's flexible custom report builder* to focus on the metrics that matter most to your business.

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Data exports

Easily export your workplace analytics data via CSV for further analysis and reporting.


Analytics API

Combine Robin data* with other system data to drive your workplace strategy.

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Benchmarking data

Compare your workplace data with other companies in your industry to identify areas for innovation.

*Requires advanced analytics add-on

“Robin has made it more efficient to collect and analyze office trend data.”

Frequently asked questions

What is workplace analytics?

Workplace analytics comprises a set of tools and dashboards designed to quantify essential workplace metrics such as space utilization, employee attendance and visitor traffic.

How can I use workplace analytics to make my workplace more efficient?

With the right workplace analytics tools, you can identify trends and make data-driven decisions about your office space. This can ultimately improve employee productivity and increase the effectiveness of your spaces.

How does workplace analytics improve hybrid environments?

​​Workplace analytics show you critical data around office space usage, resource needs and space utilization over time. These insights can help leaders improve the management of their spaces to better support their teams.

How can I learn more about advanced analytics and custom dashboards?

Advanced analytics can be added to any contract for an additional fee and includes custom dashboards, our analytics API and more. Book a demo to learn more.


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