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$30/space billed monthly

  • Unlimited office buildings Physical place like
    “London HQ” or “Building A”
  • Expand up to 15 bookable spaces
  • Room Display app: iPad & Android
  • Mobile app for scheduling: iOS & Android
  • Browser & Outlook plugins
  • Scheduling web dashboard
  • Status Board for large format displays
  • And all standard features...


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$32/space billed monthly

  • Unlimited office buildings Physical place like
    "London HQ" or "Building A"
  • Expand up to 30 bookable spaces
  • Room Display app: iPad & Android
  • Mobile app for scheduling: iOS & Android
  • Browser & Outlook plugins
  • Scheduling web dashboard
  • Status Board for large format displays
  • Amenities
  • Issue reporting
  • Levels, category within buildings
  • And all standard features...

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  • Unlimited office buildings Physical place like
    "London HQ" or "Building A"
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Room Display app: iPad & Android
  • Mobile app for scheduling: iOS & Android
  • Browser & Outlook plugins
  • Scheduling web dashboard
  • Status Board for large format displays
  • Amenities
  • Issue reporting
  • Levels & Campus grouping
  • SAML single sign-on
  • Meeting services (i.e. catering, A/V)
  • And all standard features...

Manage your workstations simply with Desks

Starting at $2/desk/mo for easy assignment and hoteling.

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All plans come with some of the friendliest support you'll ever experience. Delivered via your choice of live chat, phone, email, or carrier pigeon.

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  Basic Pro Enterprise

Works with all major calendars

Connect with Google Apps, Office 365, and on-premise Exchange (starting with 2007)

Unlimited users

Invite all of your co-workers, or just give your office admins superpowers.

Customize the look

Add your company logo, branding colors, and images to and make the experience your own.

API access

Build your own integrations with Robin using an expansive developer API.

Manage multiple buildings and levels

Group your conference rooms by building, making it easy to search specific offices. Add levels within a building to help everyone find the best rooms closest to them.

Room amenities

Need a free conference room with a whiteboard this afternoon? Tag rooms with equipment, and then search for available space with the right tools for the job.

Issue Reporting

Easier support visibility with integrated issue reporting to your existing facility services + tech help desks. Learn more

Add campuses to group buildings

Manage multiple buildings in one location.


Calendar integration

Syncs with your existing calendars, which your co-workers the flexibility to continue booking within Outlook or Google or Robin.

Browser Plugins (e.g. Chrome, Firefox)

A one click install to pull in space information from Robin into your native calendar including room size, amenities, and more for fast and efficient resource booking. See all extensions

Cross-system support

Assign calendar systems on a space-by-space level, allowing offices on Google to schedule on Office 365 and vice-versa.

Automatic room booking

Calendars update reservations when people enter and exit meeting rooms, giving back extra time at the end.


Robin spaces can use beacons to let the mobile app know when you're nearby. Once a room knows you're there, it updates your team and calendars automatically. Learn how

Restricted Calendars

Limit scheduling of high value rooms to just administrators.

Group access control Est. April 2018

Set rules for which spaces an employee or department can schedule on their own.


Status Board

Real-time availability on the big screens in your office. Learn More


Interactive floor plans to help you find the right meeting spaces even faster and highlight availability across the office. Learn More

Room Display

iPad and Android

Robin runs on all modern tablets (even the $50 Kindle Fire). You can use what you already have, even mix and match platforms.

Start impromptu meetings

When the room is free, you can start a new meeting in one tap.

Remove abandoned meetings

Enable check-ins to make sure only meetings that actually happen stay on the schedule.

Meeting privacy

Full room-level control over meeting details visibility.

Remote device management

Update settings in one place, and push changes to all room displays instantly. Notifications (coming soon) let admins know when devices are offline.

MDM integration

Integrates with your MDM provider for easy deployment and management of your fleet.

LED case support

For enhanced visibility, Rooms supports integration with most LED cases.


Measure your room usage

See conference room activity live and figure out what works, with realtime charts and utilization data.

Find meeting bottlenecks

Avoid scheduling conflicts by finding the high traffic times and planning around them.

Weekly usage reports

Get a digest of your office activity, straight to your inbox.

Export your data

Download a copy of your raw usage data and run your own analysis.

Custom reports (ask for pricing)

You have specific office metrics to track, we can make sure you have them delivered when you need them.


Google and Office 365 SSO

Support for single sign-on via Google Apps and Office 365 accounts.

SAML single sign-on

Onboard your organization easily using an existing identity provider like Okta, Ping, and OneLogin.

Active Directory Sync

Provision and sync user data from supported Identity Providers.

Web Dashboard

Office search engine

Find space based on type. Rooms report their availability and capacity automatically, so you don't have to guess. Learn more

Easy access to shared calendars

Robin makes your office calendars available to everyone, even if you're on separate calendar systems. Great for co-working and other multi-tenant environments.


Make your office layout available to the entire team and give everyone a bird's eye view.

Meeting services

Include support requests for catering, facilities, and A/V with your meetings. Learn more

Mobile Apps

Mobile room scheduling

Search and schedule room calendars from your phone, with full meeting invites.

Android and iOS

Works on both iPhones and Androids, so you can get everyone on the same system.


Robin lets you know when your current meeting is almost done, so you can either extend it or continue in a new location.



Add Robinbot to your team chat and it will help you find free rooms at a moment's notice. Learn more

Aruba Meridian

Add indoor maps and wayfinding to Robin and get turn by turn directions to your next meeting.


Live chat

Talk to some of the friendliest support you've ever experienced.

Hands-on onboarding

We've helped hundreds of companies set up their scheduling. We're here to get you up and running, even if you're starting from scratch.

Dedicated success manager

Get personalized recommendations and direct access to upcoming features for your account.

Security Questionnaire

Need help completing a risk assessment? We'll work with your security team to check the right boxes. This overview has most common questions.

Education & Non-profit

Thanks for making the world a better place. To help out, we offer special pricing for non-profit, K-12, and higher education institutions.

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Thousands of company schedules, powered by Robin

Robin helps companies use their workspaces more efficiently and make decisions based on actual data, not guesses.


We never had a way to gauge how many meetings were being booked or which parts of the office and office space types were being used most often. With Robin, we do.

Johny Jacques,
Solutions Engineer at Sonos

Johny Jacques

Frequently asked questions

Does Robin integrate with my current calendars?

Yes! Robin is like having a really smart assistant with access to your calendars. As long as you use a supported calendar system, you don't have to change a thing unless you want to.

Does this work for shared offices?

The dashboard and mobile apps make it easy to share calendars in multi-tenant environments. Here's a guide to get started.

How does Robin know who I am?

Once you’re signed in to our mobile app, it communicates directly with Robin and books meetings on your behalf.

Can I turn presence off?

Of course. You have full control over when (and how) you want Robin to notice you. Go off the grid as much as you want.

Do you have an on-premise version?

Robin is available as a cloud-only service today, which makes it easy for us to quickly deliver new features and improve performance. We do not currently have plans to release a self-hosted version. Learn more about our security practices.

What kind of office analytics can Robin report?

Robin automatically combines calendar events, presence, and other office data to give insights about how your team and space work together. You'll learn how meeting length, time of day, and frequency affect how your team operates.

Do you provide the hardware?

No, Robin is software that runs on off-the-shelf iOS (i.e. iPad) and Android devices. We keep a list of recommended equipment (and where to find them) here.

What hardware do I need?

For calendar booking, just an iPad. For presence, Robin uses beacons to mark locations. A single beacon will fit most rooms. Check out the store for a full list of suggested equipment.

Can I use Robin without presence?

Absolutely. Robin is a great tool for coordinating room schedules, even if presence isn't right for your team.

Which beacons should I buy?

We don't sell beacons directly, but work with all popular brands. Beacons range from $5 to $30 each and can run on battery or AC power. We keep an up to date list of our favorites here.

What else can Robin do?

Meeting upgrades and room booking are a good start, but there are many other office headaches Robin can solve. See more of where a building API can go with our developer program.

Where can I get the mobile apps?

We keep links for all our apps here.

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