Room scheduling

Streamlined room scheduling software

Give teams an easy way to reserve a conference room, preview room availability, and grab spaces on-the-go. Simplify the process by surfacing smart meeting room suggestions based on capacity, resources and technology.

Booking a room in Robin
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Room scheduling features in Robin

Manage meeting room bookings

Room scheduling without the back and forth

Book the right room, with the right resources, at the right time.

Make better booking decisions based on available resources and empower teams to collaborate effectively. Preview your room options via your Robin dashboard or in-office tablets.

Add a space

Add spaces for a single location or multiple offices when scheduling meetings. Integrate Robin with leading tools like Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.

Check in seamlessly

Check-in at the door to confirm the meeting is taking place or tap once to book an open space. Report any technical issues from your room display.

Finding the right space with Robinspace-details-in-robinrobin-room-display-logitech-tap-scheduler

Workplace analytics

Strategic insight into conference room space utilization

Deliver a great office experience for everyone with intuitive conference room booking options and meeting room scheduling software.

  1. Understand conference room space utilization trends

  2. Repurpose underutilized rooms to better accommodate teams’ needs

  3. Forecast future resource needs with better data on room usage

“Robin adds a layer of organization to our meeting and conference room booking system that didn't previously exist. I don't know how we lived without that booking element!”
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Real Estate Industry
“Robin has a clear goal in mind: to make the most of office usage, both for users and building managers. All of their tools have a clear purpose and work well together.”
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Performance Manager, SMB Segment
“It is great that the Robin platform can mirror the layout of the office so I can know what meeting room I am booking and when it will be available.”
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Performance Manager, SMB Segment
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Automate your office spaces

Minimize manual tasks for your teams with automated check-ins and eliminate the guesswork of finding the right space with a smart meeting room booking system, powered by AI.


Connection and communication

More visibility, less confusion

Give teams easy access to room availability and resources with digital display software. Increase productivity and decrease confusion. With Robin, you can:

  1. Locate a room reservation easily with user-friendly digital signage

  2. Book rooms or release a reservation from right outside the room

  3. Display conference room resources clearly for better space matching



Manage your office at scale

Integrate with the tools you know and love for a simple, streamlined meeting room booking system. Robin’s space management software integrates with leading providers, like:

Microsoft 365

Assign standard user permissions in Microsoft 365 for setup and Robin admin access.

Microsoft Outlook

Add rooms to meetings from your Outlook calendar by integrating with Robin.

Google Workspace

Pair Google Workspace calendars with Robin to access event info in order to keep schedules in sync with spaces.

Google Calendar

Connect Google Calendar to your Robin account, easily attach rooms to meetings.


Confirm reservations directly in Slack, or free up spaces for someone else.

Microsoft Teams

Get meeting reminders, receive recommendations and reserve rooms directly within the Teams app.


Quickly see which rooms are available with Robin and Logitech Tap Schedulers.


Robin’s smart conference room scheduling software easily integrates with Crestron room displays.

Collaborate, coordinate and connect


Space booking policies

Set policies on things like meeting duration and how far in advance spaces can be booked.

Multi-space suggestion Icon

Multi-location space suggestions

See intelligent space suggestions for multiple offices and add them to a single meeting.


Space matching

Type in what type of room you're looking for and we'll tell you what's available based on your resource and capacity needs.


Mobile app

Reserve the right spaces right from your smartphone, search for available rooms by resource needs or capacity with our intuitive app.


Space amenities

Label spaces with equipment, capacity, amenities and furniture so people can filter spaces by what they need.


Abandoned meeting protection

Save on unused space and automatically remove meetings that don’t happen.


Slack and Teams integrations

Get notified of upcoming room reservations in Slack. Get suggestions for the best rooms and book directly in Teams.

issue reporting icon

Issue reporting

Let your employees share issues with office resources directly to workplace managers via a desktop, mobile app or QR code.

Frequently Asked

What is room scheduling software?

This software simplifies the process of booking a meeting space in the workplace. These scheduling tools help simplify and streamline conference room scheduling, eliminating friction and enabling collaboration.

Why is conference room scheduling software important?

A meeting room booking system is a group of tools that makes reserving spaces in-office simple and effective. These solutions allow employees to book meeting rooms, see which spaces are available and minimize abandoned meetings through a desktop or mobile.

How can you use meeting room scheduling software?

An effective room booking system should be simple to use, easy to customize and built to collect impactful workplace data. The best solutions are created with workplace design and experience in mind.

Why do I need a booking system for my conference rooms?

Having a booking system in place enables companies to easily find and reserve a meeting room with just a few clicks. In turn, this supports your employees by preventing frustration and saving time and money.

How can I use room scheduling software to determine the best meeting room setup for my workplace?

Most leading room scheduling software includes an analytics feature that enables organizations to see which spaces are being used and which are underutilized. This helps leaders better understand the best meeting room setup for their office.

What are the best room display solutions for conference rooms?

Meeting room displays can come in many different formats depending on your budget and need. Here are a few common ones:

  • Tablet-based displays: Tablets—like iPads or Android tablets—are typically mounted on the walls outside meeting rooms. These offer a lot of flexibility, as they can run various apps, are interactive, and can be customized to the company's needs.

  • Digital Signage Displays: These TV-like displays can show the status of multiple rooms at once, making them useful in a common area or large office. They can also be used to display other information like company announcements or news.

  • LCD/LED Displays: These are versatile displays that can show detailed information, including color-coded schedules, meeting space details, and more.

  • Integrated Room Systems: Some integrated solutions provide meeting room booking displays and incorporate other functionalities like automated lighting, window blinds, air conditioning, or AV system controls based on the meeting room booking schedule.

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Cohesive workplace operations

Easily manage your spaces, services, deliveries, visitors and connect with your tech stack – all with one, comprehensive workplace platform.


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Connect space data with employee insights to drive your workplace strategy, prioritizing your people and maximizing your investments.


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