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Desk booking software for office success

People come to the office for connection, collaboration, and conversation. Teams need an easy way to book desks and coordinate their workweek. Enter: Robin.

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How it works

Hot desking as easy as 1, 2, 3

Find your desk

Open the app and view the real-time office map for available seats.


Check into the office

View who's in the office, select your seat, and confirm the booking.


Share with coworkers

Share the booking with your team for better coordination.


See who’s in office

Book your desk and plan the workweek

Book your desks inside the Microsoft Teams app, simplify the booking process for your teams. One platform for all your hot desking needs.

  1. Schedule the week on-the-go, from your smartphone

  2. Get a real-time view of who's in the office for the week

  3. Use custom office maps to locate your desk

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Hot desking solutions

Streamlined hot desking for hybrid teams

Give employees the tools they need to book hot desks based on their schedules. Hot desking and hot desk booking solutions enable you to:

  1. Make the most of your office space by providing flexible seating

  2. Give teams the information they need to book the right desks

  3. Forecast future resources by monitoring desk utilization rates

“I didn't need to spend any time learning how to use Robin, as it's so intuitive. It allows you to easily book desks and meeting rooms across different sites. You can see when your colleagues are in, which makes it easy to plan.
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Advertising Industry, Mid-Market Segment
“I use Robin to book my desk each week. I love the ease of use, it takes seconds to book and then I add it to my calendar as a reminder of what desk I have booked.”
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Advertising Industry, Mid-Market Segment
“We have a hot desking setup where it's a first-come, first-serve scenario. With Robin, desks can be booked, and guests or employees can book rooms and desks from the entryway kiosk.”
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Advertising Industry, Mid-Market Segment
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Automate the desk booking process

Provide teams with automatic desk suggestions based on their last reservation, automatically check in employees with a desk booking, and reduce the time spent managing office resources.

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See who’s in office

Custom office maps for easy navigation

Make managing your desks and office layout a breeze with user-friendly layout tools. Admins can:

  1. Update layouts easily with drag-and-drop desks

  2. Work directly on a map that looks just like your office

  3. Keep your maps up to date for better office navigation

Map editing in the Robin UI
Desk analytics Robin UI

Transparency with data

Paint a fuller picture with workplace analytics

Collect data on how your employees are using desks in your office. With workplace data you can:

  1. See which desks are being used most

  2. Preview which areas of the office are popular

  3. Make more data-driven decisions


Manage your office resources at scale

Integrate with the apps you know and love for simple, streamlined scheduling. Robin’s desk booking software integrates with leading providers, like:

Microsoft Outlook

Keep events in sync, book the right rooms for your meetings and reserve desks directly in the Microsoft Outlook add-in.

Outlook add-in desk booking UI

Microsoft Outlook

Keep events in sync, book the right rooms for your meetings and reserve desks directly in the Microsoft Outlook add-in.

Microsoft Teams

Book desks and share reservations within the Microsoft Teams app.

Microsoft 365

Assign standard user permissions in O365 for setup and Robin admin access.

Google Workspace

Set up SSO with Google Workspace and  get started booking desks right away.


Share desk bookings directly in Slack so teams can better coordinate office days.

Flexible offices tools for flexible teams

Better manage your hybrid office with these key features.


Seat assignments

Assign seats to employees who need a permanent desk, designate team pods, and create the right floor plan for your company.


Layout tools

Easily test new layouts and visualize capacity with our intuitive maps. Stay prepared for physical distancing with this adaptable tool.

Suggestion icon

Suggested desks

Get recommendations on where to sit based on your last desk reservation. Quickly book your favorite seat and plan your day.


Visitor bookings

Book a desk for visiting guests, keep track of who is coming in and out of the office and provide a welcoming visitor experience.


Data exports

Download a copy of your office’s desk usage, records of guest visits and contact tracing information on a specific day or date range.


Custom permissions

Control who has access to what desks around the office. Clearly show what is and isn’t available on your digital map.

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Issue reporting

Let your employees share any desk or space issues directly with workplace managers via our desktop or mobile app.


Mobile app

Reserve desks on the go and check in with QR codes, NFC tags, or automatically via your office Wi-Fi.

Frequently Asked

What is hot desking?

Hot desking is a workplace strategy in which desks are used by different people at different times, on an ad hoc basis. This approach maximizes space efficiency for businesses and empowers employees to book their own desks.

What is automated desk check-in?

Workplace automation enables touchless office check-ins. Check employees in automatically from their desk booking. Have teams connect to the office wifi and eliminate the need for manual QR code check-ins. Read more about our vision of the future workplace automation and AI.

What is desk hoteling?

Desk hoteling is when employees book a desk in a workplace in advance for more than a day at a time. These team members don’t have permanently assigned seats but plan to use the same space for a longer period of time than traditional hot desking.

What is a hybrid workplace?

In order to choose the right desk booking solution for your company you need to consider your unique set of needs. Be sure to assess the size of your space, the number of employees and consider what features you’ll need to support your staff.

How do I choose the right desk booking solution for my organization?

A hybrid workplace is a flexible model that is designed to support a distributed workforce of both in-office and remote workers. Rather than structuring work around a physical space, these organizations believe work can be done from anywhere.

What are the pros and cons of hot desking?

Hot desking enables you to offer teams more flexibility, provides you with the opportunity to more effectively use your office space and can boost cross-team collaboration. Common disadvantages include a lack of personal space for individuals, difficulty booking and cleanliness concerns.

What desk booking features do I need?

The desk booking features you require will depend on the needs of your organization. However, in general, you should expect your solution to have a user-friendly interface, the ability to integrate with other key tools and adjustable permissions.

How do I implement hot desking at my workplace?

In order to roll out desk booking in your offices you need to have clear guidelines around how to book a desk and expectations around etiquette. Once you’ve determined those guidelines, you must communicate them regularly to your teams and get feedback on the processes to ensure continued success.

How can I  use desk booking software to better manage my office spaces?

When using a workplace management platform, you can enable teams to book desks but you can also access a variety of other features. Workplace analytics is one of those solutions. Using data around space utilization allows you to see how your office is being used and, as a result, empowers you to better manage your space and its resources. 

Your solution for streamlined office experiences

Improve workplace experiences by utilizing user-friendly tools that enable seamless connection, effective communication, and efficient collaboration.

booking a suggested space with Robin

Room scheduling

Streamline the management of your meeting rooms. From scheduling to setting permissions, make the room booking process more effective.


Community building

Make it easier for teams to get together with workplace community features like events, activities and work-week views for coordination. 

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Visitor management

Give employees the tools they need to confidently invite clients and customers to the office. Send alerts upon guest arrival, provide check-in instructions and manage visitor activity.

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