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Desk booking software for the modern office

Looking for a desk booking system with a simple setup, easy employee onboarding and hassle-free adoption? Trust the leading solution for booking desks.

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Book desks automatically

Set your in-office schedule

Enter the days of the week you go into the office in Robin or sync it through our Google Calendar integration.

Setting your in-office schedule in Robin

Let AI book your desk

Using data from past bookings and preferences, we choose the best desk for your employees and book it automatically.

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Share your desk reservations

Empower teams to share via Microsoft Teams, Slack or email about when you’ll be in the office and where.

Sharing your desk in MS Teams

Give your teams a desk booking app they’ll actually use

Booking hot desks for the day? A breeze. Empower teams on in-office days with an easy-to-use tool for reserving a seat and navigating the office.

Booking a desk with Robin
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A user-friendly mobile app

Provide teams with a simple way to preview desk availability, book seats and see who will be in the office from their Android or iOS smartphone.

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Book desks directly in Slack, Teams or Outlook

Empower users to reserve desks and share bookings from your company's preferred communication platform.

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Multiple ways to check-in

Access a range of check-in options, including QR codes, access control integrations, automatic WiFi check-in and more.

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Analyze office booking data

Desk analytics offer a window into office activity and areas for improvement in your office seating. Use your unique data to create better experiences and avoid wasted space.

Make collaboration easy with real-time, interactive maps of your office

Did you know that 90% of in-person interactions occur at a desk? Encourage more collaboration with key features like mobile desk booking, maps with real-time office activity and more.

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Flexible hot desk booking software

Drive easy and accessible days in the office with better desk management.


Office layouts

Our intuitive maps make it easy to test new layouts and visualize capacity. This adaptable layout allows you to easily change your office floor plan.

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Assigned desk sharing

Assign one desk to multiple employees based on their work schedules, which will help you make the best use of your space.


Custom permissions

Control who has access to book what desks in the office. Clearly show what is and isn’t available on your digital map.

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Multi-day booking

Reserve your desk for multiple days at once. Enable teams to secure available desks on the days they most want to work on-site.

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Real-time view of who’s checked into the office

Empower teams to see where a teammate is sitting, and if their favorite spaces are available on our web dashboard or mobile app.

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Custom data dashboards

Create custom dashboards and make data-driven decisions about your space and how you resource it in the world of hybrid work.


Seat assignments

Assign seats to employees who need a permanent desk, designate team pods, and create the right floor plan for your company.


Visitor bookings

Book a desk for visiting guests, keep track of who is coming in and out of the office and provide a welcoming visitor experience.

A workplace partner you can trust

Since 2014, we’ve helped companies of all sizes get their office resource booking right. Partner with a platform that will scale with you.
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Manage your office resources at scale

Integrate with the apps you know and love for simple, streamlined scheduling. Robin’s desk booking software integrates with leading solutions, like:

Microsoft Outlook

Keep events in sync, book the right rooms for your meetings and reserve desks directly in the Microsoft Outlook add-in.

Outlook add-in desk booking UI

Microsoft Outlook

Keep events in sync, book the right rooms for your meetings and reserve desks directly in the Microsoft Outlook add-in.

Microsoft Teams

Book desks and share reservations within the Microsoft Teams app.

Microsoft 365

Assign standard user permissions in O365 for setup and Robin admin access.

Google Workspace

Set up SSO with Google Workspace and  get started booking desks right away.


Share desk bookings directly in Slack so teams can better coordinate office days.

Frequently asked questions

What is hot desking?

Hot desking is a workplace strategy in which desks are used by different people at different times, on an ad hoc basis. This approach maximizes space efficiency for businesses and empowers employees to book their own desks.

What is desk hoteling?

Desk hotelingis when employees book a desk in a workplace in advance for more than a day at a time. These team members don’t have permanently assigned seats but plan to use the same space for a longer period of time than traditional hot desking. Desk booking software is often seen in companies with a hybrid working model.

How do I choose the right desk booking solution for my organization?

In order to choose the right desk booking solution for your company you need to consider your unique set of needs from a digital tool. Be sure to assess the size of your space and the number of employees and consider what features you’ll need to support your staff.

What are the pros and cons of hot desking?

Hot desking enables you to facilitate the fluctuating nature of hybrid work provides you with the opportunity to more effectively use your office space and can boost cross-team collaboration. Another benefit worth considering is the ability to reduce operational costs. Common disadvantages include a lack of personal space for individuals, difficulty booking and cleanliness concerns.

What desk booking features do I need?

You should expect your solution to have a user-friendly interface, the ability to integrate with existing systems, other key tools and adjustable permissions. Things like self service bookings, interactive maps indicating things like co working spaces or ergonomic chairs is part of a strong workspace management plan in a hybrid work model.

How do I implement hot desking at my workplace?

In order to roll out desk booking systems like Robin in your offices you should have clear guidelines around how to book a desk and expectations around etiquette. Once you’ve determined those guidelines, you must communicate them regularly to your teams and get feedback on the processes to ensure continued success.

How can I  use desk booking software to better manage my office spaces?

When using a workplace management platform, you can enable teams to book desks but you can also access a variety of other features. Workplace analytics is one of those solutions. Using data around space utilization allows you to see how your office is being used and, as a result, empowers you to better manage your space and its resources with employee satisfaction in mind.

Also, consider features that address common employee requests. Self-service bookings, interactive maps indicating designated quiet zones and coworking spaces or policies to prevent double bookings are all part of a strong workspace management plan.

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Frictionless hybrid work

Support employees’ entire days in the office, getting them the resources they need, when they need them, for more intentional in-person time.

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Cohesive workplace operations

Easily manage your spaces, services, deliveries, visitors and connect with your tech stack – all with one, comprehensive workplace platform.


Smarter spaces

Connect space data with employee insights to drive your workplace strategy, prioritizing your people and maximizing your investments.


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