Offices should be as smart as the people who work in them

We never set out to manage conference room calendars. In fact, when the company started, the most exciting part seemed to be automating the first few minutes of meeting setup. But the more time we spent, it became clear — a lot of meetings weren’t actually happening.

Rooms were regularly stolen, no-show meetings remained on the calendar, and people booked the “first available” not the “best available” space. Workplace tech hadn’t kept up with the way people work, and meeting rooms were just one piece.

Today Robin schedules meetings, desks, and people in thousands of offices around the world. We build scheduling and workplace management tools that power the way we’ll work tomorrow.

Let’s start with
core values

Make work better for others

Improve place & process, to help people

Surprise each other, rally around curiosity

The definition of a “new idea” is nobody thinks to ask for it

Earn it daily

You won't need to remind people how good you were yesterday

Candid by default, empathetic always

Speak plainly. Good ideas rarely need dress up

Deliver ship it

Focus on the destination - not just getting it out the door

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Robin helps companies use their workspaces more efficiently and make decisions based on actual data, not guesses.

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