Frequently asked questions

Who does Robin support?

Robin supports workplace leaders, including tech teams, HR leaders, operations managers, and facilities coordinators. Whether trying to manage hybrid work schedules, plan office activities or manage office resources, anyone who supports the overall employee experience can use the platform. Robin is your guide to a great day at work.

Does Robin integrate with popular calendars?

Yes! Robin is like having a really smart assistant with access to your calendars. There’s a lot you can do with Robin’s calendar integrations, including desk/space reservations and seeing who’s joining meetings in-person or virtually. Read about our integrations here.

Does Robin integrate with Microsoft Teams and Slack?

Yes, our integrations enable Robin users to book desks and rooms right from their chosen platform. Learn more about our Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations.

What kind of workplace insights can Robin report?

Robin helps organizations understand utilization across buildings, floors, desks and spaces, offers data-driven recommendations, supports structured employee feedback and simple exporting of data.

My company is not in the U.S. Where is my data stored?

You can choose whether to store your organization’s data in either our U.S. or European data center, and your data will never leave your chosen region. Learn more here.

Is Robin VPAT Compliant?

Yes, Robin is VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) compliant. We are committed to making our platform accessible to everyone, and our VPAT demonstrates our commitment to accessibility. Our VPAT is based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, and documents the accessibility features of our platform, as well as any areas where our platform needs improvement. If you have questions about Robin's VPAT, please reach out to our team.

Does this work for shared offices?

Robin’s web dashboard and mobile app make it easy to share calendars in multi-tenant environments. Here’s a guide to get started

Do you have an on-premise version of Robin?

Robin is available as a cloud-only service today, which makes it easy for us to quickly deliver new features and improve performance. We do not currently have plans to release a self-hosted version. Learn more about our security practices.

What hardware do I need?

For on-demand calendar booking, you just need an iPad. Robin also works with kiosks, helping people book desks and rooms directly from the touchscreen display. Check out the store for a full list of suggested equipment.

Do you provide hardware?

No, Robin is software that runs on off-the-shelf iOS (i.e. iPad) and Android devices. Here is a list of recommended equipment.

What else can Robin do?

Meeting upgrades and room booking are a good start, but there are many other office headaches Robin can solve. See more of where a building API can go with our developer program.

Where can I get the mobile app?

We keep links for all our apps here.

How much does Robin cost?

Robin’s desk and room booking software starts at $419/month, billed annually. Pricing is based on the total number of user licenses. Optional add-ons, such as visitor management, are available – prices vary. For more information, please visit our pricing page.

What is a workplace experience platform?

A workplace experience platform is a software that provides leaders with the tools they need to manage resources, employee experience and office information. These tools also give people and teams the information they need to book rooms and desks, check out office activities and coordinate with colleagues.

How does Robin help with hybrid work?

Robin makes it easy for people to connect with the office and each other. Our platform empowers people to plan out their work week in a way that best suits their needs while giving leaders the tools they need to engage employees with the workplace. 


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