Optimize your spaces with Logitech & Robin

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With Logitech Tap Scheduler and Robin, you will be able to plan and deliver a great office experience for everyone. Keep tabs on what spaces are available when, reduce abandoned meetings and empower your teams to book the rooms they need with a few swipes. Schedule a demo today.


Logitech + Robin

Logitech and Robin are joining forces to deliver the tools enterprise teams need to book, manage and track meeting room spaces. 

Up-to-date room schedules
Facilities, IT, and office managers need to have their finger on the pulse of their workplace. Adapt your spaces based on real insights, not guesses.
Real-time visibility into meeting room status
Get a real-time view of what rooms are available and which aren’t. The Logitech Tap Scheduler features LED light bars that light up green when a room is available and red when booked. Status updates are synced with the Robin platform for accurate, up-to-date scheduling.
Protection against abandoned meetings
With Logitech Tap Scheduler, enable check-ins to ensure only meetings that actually happen stay on the calendar.
Data to back every office decision
Prevent double bookings and scheduling headaches with automation. As meetings are booked, your map reflects updates in real-time.