Make hybrid work a reality with Robin

With maps, space and desk management, distance planning, analytics, and more, returning to the office is easier than ever.

  • Get real time office visibility on a map.
  • Book meeting rooms and change desks, from anywhere.
  • Leverage analytics to see over and under-utilized spaces.
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workplace management platform

Made for the hybrid workplace

  • Reopen safely
  • Capacity tracking
  • Real-time office maps
  • Book team on-sites
  • Desk reservations, hot desking
  • Measure office demand
  • Schedule meeting rooms
  • Manage office access
  • Hybrid work scheduling

Deliver the best experience

Help people book meeting rooms, change desks, and find their teammates quicker. No wandering. No wondering.

Front desk area with avatars
Bring everyone back safely

Control the details of access to specific desks or rooms. Changes sync instantly, so everyone knows what is available before arriving.

Phone booths, and kiosk with desk and avatars
Support hybrid work with flexible schedules

Employees can book exactly what they need before arriving, including rooms and desks. Empower everyone to safely coordinate trips to the office for collaboration.

Office map with avatars
See who’s in and what's available

Quickly check availability and see who is in the office. Book desks and spaces from an interactive map of your office.

Office with avatars and heat map of office density.
Measure office demand

Workplace analytics help you understand how people use the office. You can collect feedback, and find opportunities to increase employee engagement and optimize spaces.

Platform integrations

Safe, secure, and connected workplaces

Robin works with the apps you already know and love. We provide enterprise level security, and have the customer reviews to back it up.

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Having Robin is instrumental in making sure that our flexible workplace strategy is viable long-term.

Corey Williams, Elastic
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