August updates: Meeting highlights and room display privacy

The Robin Team
The Robin Team
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Here’s the latest edition of, “What did the Robin team do this month?”

Filter your calendar by RSVPs, Attendees and More

Earlier this month we added a “Highlight” filter to help better manage events on your calendar that might need attention.


Here’s what can be filtered:

  • Long invitee lists (e.g. > 5 people)
  • Meetings nobody checked into via the room display or mobile apps
  • Low RSVP rates (e.g. 5 invited, only 1 accepted)
  • Long meetings (e.g. > 90 minutes)

Here’s the full blog post if you want to learn more.

Have More Control of the Room Display

You can now control things like meeting attendees, meeting titles and whether or not the meeting organizer is visible.


Just head over to the settings of your tablet to choose your preferences.Want to see the full list of invitees? You can now press the avatar, and that will bring up a full drop down of who is in that meeting.


Picking a Day to Start Your Week

One piece of feedback we heard was that folks wanted to be able to have the flexibility to choose when their week started. We now have a setting for "Week Starts On" which controls day that calendars begin with. We include all days for flexibility.


Quality of Life Improvements

Here are some "quality of life" improvements we made this month:

  • Added support for ADFS-configured SAML
  • Added extra help for setting up Exchange calendars
  • Devices now show their location name in addition to space name when in big lists.
  • Hit CMD/CTRL + K to bring up the space browser from any screen
  • Let admins know when you have disabled spaces
  • Lower password strength requirement
  • More presence sizes available
  • We'll now automatically detect links in space descriptions, and make them clickable.
  • You can now share links to the schedule page, date and filters included

Coming in September

We're hard at work with some big projects lined up, but we wanted to give you a sneak peak of what will soon be available. The one we're excited to share today is that we've made some significant improvements to how Robin deals with events.

You can now book a follow up meeting and message invitees under the "Actions" command. Moreover, Robin will now recognize links, such as video conferencing, so that you don't have to go searching for what you need elsewhere.

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As  always, we’re here if you need anything.Give Robin a try for free.