Conference room scheduling software

Take control of office scheduling

Robin makes it easy to find and schedule the right room, at the right time, so you can do your best work with others.

Robin is available as a meeting scheduling app for both iPad and Android tablets.

Complete office search and room scheduling

Robin web and mobile apps supercharge the people that book meetings,
as well as the people that attend them.

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Search your office

Find the right space with in-depth search results. Browse matches based on availability, capacity, and amenities.

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Find and book the right conference room

The dashboard is a powerful search engine for office administrators and anyone that schedules calendar events or needs to manage them.

  • Find the ideal room with filters like availability, capacity, and amenities
  • Keep track of room utilization and see what drives usage
  • Manage spaces, devices, and booking rules remotely
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Search your office both on web and mobile.
Robin mobile calendar view shows all your events for the day, both work and personal.

A mobile room booking app that manages work and personal calendars

One place to manage your schedule, designed to help both in and out of the workplace.

  • See a list of free rooms around the office, updated in real time
  • Add events to both your work and personal calendars, from one place
  • Get real-time notifications based on meeting length and location

Meeting room displays and sensors

See what rooms are free and which ones aren't in real time. Understand how spaces are being
used and the data behind them.
Available for both Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire tablets

Meeting room displays

Book meetings straight from the door that instantly sync back to your calendar. Mounted tablets keep everyone in the loop and prevent double bookings.

  • Fight room theft with highly visible schedules
  • Stop no-show meetings by requiring check-ins
  • Report issues with the room from the touchscreen
See what else our room displays can do
Room display with available screen in landscape mode
Room display with custom logo and background

Fully customizable displays

Bring the branding and personality of your company to the meeting room displays. From background images to logos — it’s fully customizable, so you can make each room your own.

See our interactive room display in action

Enable automatic check-ins and smart notifications
with presence detection

Add Bluetooth beacons to spaces and the Robin mobile room booking app will be able
to send room-based notifications, show accurate occupancy,
and automate meeting check-ins.

Learn more about presence here

Robin's insights help you manage the entire office

Robin goes beyond simply managing room displays and booking your meetings.

Analytics for your office useage.

Real-time room analytics

Automatically generate reports on resource usage, so you can learn what works and track down underperforming spaces.

Over 95 KPIs help uncover workplace usage:
  • Popular rooms, equipment, and configurations
  • Utilization, peak usage hours, and meeting density
  • Average meeting length and attendee count

Clean up the calendar, remove
ghost meetings

Robin uses check-ins to make sure that the calendar matches reality. This includes proactive adjustments to ensure accurate meeting times and removal of calendar events that didn’t happen.

      meetings in the schedule will be automatically unbooked.
Analytics for your office useage.

Easy access to shared calendars

Robin makes your office calendars available to everyone through scheduling tools on web and mobile. Even those with separate calendar systems, which is great for co-working and other multi-tenant environments.

What's included?

Conference room scheduling software that simplifies schedule management
and supercharges your office.

  • Shared calendar management
  • iPad & Android tablet apps
  • iOS & Android mobile apps
  • Browser Plugins (e.g. Chrome, Firefox)
  • Customizable designs
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Unlimited users
  • Scheduling website
  • API access
  • Real-time office analytics
  • Office 365 Integration
  • Smart integrations (Slack, wayfinding, etc.)
  • Google and Office 365 SSO and SAML login (Okta, Ping, etc.)
  • Presence (requires beacons)
  • Remote device management
  • Exchange/Outlook Integration

...and some of the friendliest support you'll ever experience.
Delivered via your choice of live chat, phone, email, or carrier pigeon.

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