Office Digital Signage

Real-time office availability visible to everyone

What's happening in the office now, showcased on large displays you already have.

Instantly add visibility anywhere in the office

Run Status Board in any high-traffic area, so everyone knows where the nearest free room is right now.

A powerful summary of the schedule, in real-time

Upgrade your office’s wow factor when visitors see Status Board first thing when they walk in.

Answer scheduling questions before they are even asked

What’s available? What’s in use? Find available meeting rooms in a jiff.

Office Couch
Putting your office schedule on display is as simple as entering a URL.

A highly visible, easy to read view of the office at any moment

Perfect for high traffic and centralized areas, busy employees with their hands full can identify the right room in seconds with a quick glance at the digital display.

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Give the green light

Spaces available now float to the top, perfect for impromptu meetings

Extra info means you always find the best place to work.

One size doesn’t fit all. Icons show what’s in the room and how many people fit

Create a public command center with each floor using multiple digital displays in the lobby.

Fits in seamlessly, stands out flawlessly

Feeds directly from the Robin scheduling platform,
works on any TV or digital display with internet,
in either vertical or horizontal formats.

Real-time office floor plans
Add office maps →

Start to schedule your office with Robin

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