Real-time availability, mapped to your office

Give everyone an up-to-date floor plan of the office with room availability. Maps pairs with existing calendars and our supercharged scheduling apps.

Wayfinding for the modern workforce

Don't let frantic “Which room is available?!” wandering delay your next meeting. Find your way around the office in record time and know what's free without running laps around the floor.

All the room info you need to know: availability, location, amenities, photo, and capacity

Maps that are easy to manage for IT and facilities

Maintain floor plan updates and keep everyone in the know. Finally, there's a map that is useful to office managers, IT, and everyone else in the office. We'll work with you to import your maps, wherever your maps live today, whether its CAD, JPG, IWMS, or treasure.

Learn how to adapt as people use the office

Get real-time answers to how people, spaces, and resources work together in your office. Know what you need to improve to make the office a true tool for employees.

See how analytics can help improve your office
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