Easy to adjust interactive maps for your hybrid office

Give your team a live view of the office for easy wayfinding, reserving a desk or meeting room, and understanding where co-workers are located. What used to take an afternoon can be done in minutes with Robin.

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Wayfinding for everyone

Your team needs to know where their team typically sits, what desks are free to reserve and where other amenities are located in the office.

Make their next trip to the office a familiar one.

Adjust office layout and equipment with speed and ease

No more static pictures of your floorplan.

  • Make changes and update your office in seconds.
  • Bulk edit an entire neighborhood of desks.
  • Mark new points of interest, like a sanitation station.

Understand office usage and identify trends

Get real-time answers to how people, spaces, and resources work together in your office.

  • See usage by building, floor, neighborhood or team.
  • Identify trends for future planning.
  • Export usage data to tools like PowerBI.

Coordinate across teams

With a hybrid workplace, more teams need to work from the office map than ever before.

  • Keep teams in the loop for upcoming changes.
  • No more out-of-date maps, policies or work areas.
Office hot desking

Reintroduce the office with Robin

Robin offers a complete toolkit for running the office — from managing meeting rooms, flexible workstations and guest experiences.

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