Workplace experience software

Empower people to do their best work

Make every space and desk simple to book and colleagues easy to find. With real-time analytics, ensure every square foot of your office supports employee productivity and engagement for the whole company, even as work changes.

Remove friction from the workday

Uncertainty around the office return

Make the workplace predictable in an unpredictable time. Distance planning, health checks, and contract tracing shouldn't slow you down.

Wandering, wondering and wasted time

Your team spends too much time looking for spaces, desks, and co-workers, and not enough on the work that matters.

No way to plan workdays from home

People need an interface to the office to book a desk or coordinate with teammates when they want to come into the office.

Meeting space going to waste

Two people book rooms fit for 10, meetings go abandoned, and spaces are overbooked, with no visibility into the office schedule.

Floor plans constantly getting out of date

As soon as someone books a desk or moves seats, your office map updates instantly. Never tack a seating chart spreadsheet up in the break room again.

No data to back up decisions

Facilities, IT, and office managers need to have their finger on the pulse of their workplace. Adapt your space based on real insights, not guesses.

Return to office

Welcome your people back to the new version of your office with confidence. Map out a safely-distance floor plan, use health checks to confirm everyone in the office is safe, contract trace with check-in data and robust analytics.

Resource management

Robin makes it easy for workplace teams to understand and manage space inventory, from meeting room booking permissions to office seating chart and desk reservations. Offer bookable seating options and wayfinding from a map via desktop,  kiosk, or mobile app.

Scheduling & wayfinding

The average employee wastes 30 minutes every day looking for co-workers and a place to work. Robin makes it easy for people to find and use the best-fit meeting room or the perfect desk using simple office search and map cues without wasting time wandering around the office.

Workplace analytics

Stolen rooms? Irritated employees? No quiet spaces? These are signs your office space is getting in the way of great work. Workplace analytics surface what’s working well what should change based on your team's usage. Keep tabs on utilization, capacity, desk booking trends, and more.

You'll be in great company

Industry leaders are running their workplace on Robin. Read their stories.

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Maps are the interface of the modern office

Spreadsheets, screenshots, surveys, systems and so on. Ditch the clutter with admin friendly-tools and intuitive employee workflows on a map that looks just like your office.

Help people find and book spaces with ease

Booking a space to meet should be a painless experience. People can book the ideal meeting room for their meeting ahead of time or on the fly. The best part? If they don’t show up, the abandoned meeting is removed from the calendar so the space is free for someone else to use.

Manage your desks from a map

Assigned, hot, hoteled, flexible — you name it, we do it. Set up your floor plan in minutes, not hours and then let your people manage themselves with easy, on-the-fly booking via the desktop, kiosk, or mobile app.

Integrates with the apps you already use and love

Connect Robin to the tools you already use. Find the right meeting space without ever leaving your calendar, and include meeting links in events for a smoother conferencing experience.


Multiple supported languages

Meet your people where they are in a range of languages now supported by the Robin mobile app. We support French, Canadian French, German and Spanish, alongside our standard English option.

Hybrid work starts with Robin

Learn more about our essential toolkit for running the office — from managing rooms, flexible desks, and guest experiences.

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