Desk management and reservation software

Desk booking software for a flexible workspace

Desk booking software solutions designed to help you manage any seating arrangement, making the office more accessible and collaborative.

Manage your desks from a map


Ditch the spreadsheets and hours of manual work


Make it easy to find and book desks, even as your workplace changes


Adapt your office space using desk utilization data

Seamless desk booking system

Drag-and-drop desks

Make desk moves in one sitting. Work directly on a map that looks just like your office. Track changes as you go.

Draft and preview changes

Share with stakeholders before going live, whether it’s a seat swap or a new floor plan.

Set roles and permissions

Create space utilization and meeting room restrictions based on office policies and control who has access to different areas of the office.

Office wayfinding

A living view of the office on digital signage means employees spend less time taking laps looking for co-workers and places and more time doing the work that matters.

Make desk reservations easy

Find and book from anywhere

Let your people manage themselves with easy, on-the-fly booking via the desktop, kiosk, or mobile app.

Get real-time office visibility

As soon as someone books a desk or a seat frees up, your office map updates instantly.

Prep for hybrid work

Make it easy to plan and promote team activities, on-sites and book desks in advance.

Adapt your office space using desk analytics

Safely distance your floor plan

Control office capacity by limiting the number of free desks at any given time.

Get daily and historical utilization data

Understand booking trends, usage over time and identify ways to optimize your space

Jumpstart contact tracing

Confirm who was where and when with desk-check in data and exportable reports.

Key features to help you manage your workstations

Physical distance planning

Manage the transition back to office. Use desk booking software to experiment with layouts of safely distanced desks and visualize capacity.

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Seat assignments & charts

Assign seats to employees who need a permanent desk and create a floor plan that’s right for your company.

Drag-and-drop maps

Coordinate desk moves in one sitting. Work directly on an interactive map showing changes as you go.

At-a-glance availability & search tool

Find available desks in your office. Filter by amenities, type, and more.

Mobile functionality

Meet people where they already are. Let employees find and book desks right from the mobile app, no training required.

Flexible seating

Provide on-demand hot (one-day reservation) and hotel (multiple day reservation) desks with check-ins.

Data exports

Download a copy of your office’s desk usage, contact tracing, and more on a specific day or date range.

Custom permissions

Control who has access to what desks around the office. Clearly show what is and isn't available on your map.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is desk hoteling?

Desk hoteling is when employees book a desk in a workplace in advance for more than a day at a time. These team members don’t have permanently assigned seats but plan to use the same space for a longer period of time than traditional hot desking.

What is hot desking?

Hot desking is a workplace strategy in which desks are used by different people at different times, on an ad hoc basis. This approach maximizes space efficiency for businesses and empowers employees to book their own desks.

What is a hybrid workplace?

A hybrid workplace is a flexible model that is designed to support a distributed workforce of both in-office and remote workers. Rather than structuring work around a physical space, these organizations believe work can be done from anywhere.

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