A streamlined experience for office visitors

Your employees are not the only ones coming back to the office. Robin empowers your teams to confidently welcome guests while ensuring your office visitors have the best experience possible.

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Manage your guest experience with Robin

With our new visitor management function, admins can:

  • Register a guest’s visit.
  • Set up a required screening questionnaire.
  • Send an email notification to the host upon arrival.
  • Track guests in a visitor log.

A single platform for your workplace needs

No more juggling between visitor management tools, meeting room apps and seating spreadsheets. With Robin you can:

  • Track who has been in the office and when.
  • Welcome guests safely and securely to the office.
  • Automatically alert hosts when their visitor arrives.
Join the thousands of workplaces returning with Robin
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Office hot desking

See Robin in action!

Robin offers a complete toolkit for running the office -- from managing meeting rooms, flexible workstations and guest experiences.

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