Offices should be as smart as the people who work in them

We never set out to manage conference room calendars. In fact, when the company started, the most exciting part seemed to be automating the first few minutes of meeting setup. But the more time we spent, it became clear — a lot of meetings weren’t actually happening.

Rooms were regularly stolen, no-show meetings remained on the calendar, and people booked the “first available” not the “best available” space. Workplace tech hadn’t kept up with the way people work, and meeting rooms were just one piece.

Today Robin schedules meetings, desks, and people in thousands of offices around the world. We build scheduling and workplace management tools that power the way we’ll work tomorrow.

Let’s start with
core values


Simple is memorable. Simple takes work.


Learn enough to be deliberate, then follow through.


Helpful people make helpful products.


Make it happen as a team.


Recognize wins everywhere we see them.

The Team


Sam Dunn

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Sam Dunn is the visionary leading the team as CEO of Robin. While Robin started with managing conference room calendars, Sam realized soon after that there was a richer narrative at play of workplace tech simply not keeping up with the way people work. With a design-centric mindset and a keen ability to craft just the right sales pitch, Sam led the company to its latest iteration of workplace experience software with thousands of customers, both small and large. And, he’s set the tone for a conversational brand ready to help anyone find the right space in the office to get back to the work that matters.


Zach Dunn

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Zach Dunn heads up Robin’s customer relationships as VP of Customer Experience. Prior to building a platform for a better workplace, he co-founded the digital consultancy One Mighty Roar (OMR) with Brian and his twin brother Sam. For five years, the OMR team built first-of-kind real-world projects for everyone from Disneyland to Budweiser. In 2014, they spun out Robin from One Mighty Roar. It’s both the ultimate sidekick and Sam and Zach’s mother’s name. Both Zach and his co-founders believe if you invest time filling an office with great people to help with a mission, you should have an office that’s up for the task. Many don’t, but that’s where Robin comes in.


Brian Muse

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Brian Muse, CTO, leads Robin's long-term technology vision. Overseeing the engineering and security teams, Brian plays an integral role in building the engineering team, guiding the infrastructure and architecture, and bringing Robin's product roadmap to reality. Prior to co-founding Robin, Brian worked for NASA and in EdTech. He also co-founded a digital agency called One Mighty Roar which specialized in building experiential marketing campaigns for some of the worlds largest brands.

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Robin helps companies use their workspaces more efficiently and make decisions based on actual data, not guesses.

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