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The Big Idea

Robin is a better way to manage meeting rooms, used by companies like Twitter, Kayak, and PillPack to wrangle their workplaces.

It's a search engine for your office -- find and book rooms based on the stuff you need, remove no-show meetings automatically, and get reports on how the office is actually being used.

We exist to help people spend more time working on the things they value and less on the process. We solve the overlooked problems — the “I didn’t know we could fix that…” headaches. Anywhere you spend 8+ hours per day is worth getting right. Work should be a delight.

We're looking for people who want to help show the world how it happens.


Robin builds office management and scheduling software. We help rooms react to the people and things inside them, so everyone gets more done. We’re starting with the office, making work days smarter — one room at a time. Today office tech is often a well-placed HDMI converter. We think it should be more like automated conference rooms you can build apps on top of.

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Working at Robin

When you set out to make the workplace something worth coming back to, your own office is the best place to start. We do this in a few ways:

  • Everyone builds. Our best brainstorm sessions happen with the engineering, design, and business teams all pitching in.
  • Good ideas speak for themselves. Many of our best directions came from "the latest hire" speaking up.
  • We find opportunities to teach and mentor both in and outside the company.
  • We trust the people around us. Everyone on the team has high personal and professional maturity. When you trust the people around you, experimenting, taking risking, and learning all happen faster and bigger.
  • We believe freedom to choose your own adventure is important. We have our overall missions. You pave the paths you value. With the right people in the room, you'll make bigger leaps and better mistakes.
  • Everything is hackable (our lobby sign has a phone number). We've commandeered most of the office equipment and converted them into hackathon projects. Office people radars, impact-sensing dartboards, and API-connected conference tables are a few of the experiments to come out of our back lab in the past few years.
  • Your life is a full time job too. Whether you're a new parent, hobbyist adventurer, or club volleyball player, we encourage people to spend time on the things that matter. We have group workout sessions during the day, force people to take vacations, and encourage sick days. Healthy people (mentally and physically) build better products.

Our team includes an inspiring mix of builders with backstories. Most work out of our office in Boston, but we also have some scattered throughout North America and Europe.

We’re a close knit group passionate about bringing delightful UX and lightweight technology to industries that normally miss out. Going to work shouldn’t feel like entering a time machine.


General questions and inquiries can go to, but our current listings will always be the best place to start.

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