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5 Ways to Better Manage Your Law Firm’s Meeting Rooms

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Sabrina Dorronsoro
Published on

As law firms adapt to the changing landscape of the legal industry, the management of meeting rooms and office spaces has become a crucial aspect of their operations. 

Booking conflicts and a lack of logistical support can lead to disorganized client meetings in the office and frustrating employee experiences. The office should be a destination for collaboration between colleagues and clients – not chaos.

We’ve put together 5 tips to help you better manage the meeting spaces and conference rooms in your office, let’s dive in. 

Make the meeting room booking process easy so your team can focus on doing what they do best.

5 Tips for Better Meeting Room Management in Your Law Offices

With the rise of in-person meetings, client visits and a more flexible approach to work, it is essential for law firms to invest in efficient tools and processes to streamline their meeting room management. 

So, how should you go about improving the process for your teams? Here are a few quick tips.

1. Find the Right Software

You want to give your teams the tools they need to effectively collaborate in-person, whether it’s with clients or colleagues. When selecting room meeting room booking software for your law firm, prioritize solutions that offer seamless experiences for your teams. Consider factors such as user-friendliness, integration with existing systems, and support for virtual meetings.

Implementing a meeting room scheduling software can revolutionize the way law firms manage their meeting spaces. The software enables centralized scheduling, allowing staff to easily book, modify, or cancel meeting room reservations from a single platform. 

2. Build Clear Policies

With 83% of law firms documenting meeting room management as part of their return to office plans, according to Forrest Solutions, having clear policies for teams is essential. Establish guidelines on how to reserve rooms, expectations for maintaining cleanliness and order, and instructions on using the scheduling software effectively.

You can also customize your room booking system to align with your law firm's needs. Determine booking maximums, room privacy settings, and other permissions to maintain a balance between open access and controlled usage, reflecting your firm's specific needs. Set rooms to be released if no-one has checked into the space or limit access to certain spaces as needed.

Lay out clear guidelines and policies for booking rooms in your firm's office.

3. Plan for Client Visits

Our recent research shows that client visits are on the rise, with a 147% increase in guest visits since January. So planning for in-person visits is crucial. There’s nothing worse than having a client on-site only to find out there are no meeting rooms available. For better management of your meeting rooms make sure to devise visitor management plans that prioritize booking availability for client meetings. 

Consider other functionality for client visits that can improve the overall experience. For example, notifications for guest arrivals or automated email communications regarding check-in instructions can help make your client’s experience streamlined and hassle-free. 

4. Use Room Displays for Easy Access

Utilize room displays outside meeting spaces to showcase booking status, upcoming events, and room resources. This allows employees to quickly check room availability and make instant reservations, enhancing efficiency.

Be sure to include information on the room's resources so people can choose the best space for their needs. Some examples of information to include: 

  • Room capacity - how many people can comfortably fit? 
  • Number of seats - will there be standing room? 
  • Meeting technology - what tools do you have on hand in the room? 

5. Monitor Meeting Room Utilization

To capitalize on real estate cost savings, continuously track room utilization data and identify trends. Leverage the insights from your chosen room scheduling software to optimize office space and improve cost-effectiveness. 

These data insights can also help you better plan for future resource needs. Are certain types of rooms being used more than others? Are other spaces left sitting empty often? Identify what makes a room more trafficked and mimic that type of layout and resources. 

With real estate being a significant cost factor for law firms, meeting room scheduling software becomes essential in maximizing office space usage. Tracking room utilization patterns and data empowers firms to make informed decisions, leading to substantial cost savings.

Using workplace analytics you can get a better idea of which types of meeting spaces in your law office are most used.

Prepare Your Law Offices for the Future of Work Today

Meeting the needs of modern legal customers and preparing for the future requires a client-centric, technology-enabled approach for law firms. Meeting room scheduling software serves as a catalyst for transforming law offices into agile, efficient, and productive spaces. 

Embracing this technology not only enhances client experiences and team productivity but also empowers law firms to make informed decisions about real estate usage, leading to substantial cost savings. By leveraging the power of meeting room scheduling software, law firms can adapt, succeed, and thrive in the evolving legal landscape.

Ready to start better managing your law office’s meeting rooms? Robin has you covered. Let’s chat about how our scheduling software can benefit your workplace. 

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