What’s with These Conference Room Designs and What Do They all Mean?

The Robin Team
The Robin Team
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Your go-to cheatsheet to guide you back to land when you’re drowning in the sea of conference room design terminology.

Conference rooms in offices are a lot like kitchens: they’re used often, they need the right amenities to get the best work done, and without the proper setup, people won’t get what they need to survive. That might sound like a stretch but without the right conference room design to support a specific activity or task, it’s difficult to reach your goals.

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One size doesn’t fit all for conference rooms

But similar to the kitchen, one size doesn’t fit all in the land of conference rooms. Sometimes a large room is necessary to fit everyone involved in a conversation or project (think Thanksgiving). Other times a small room with conferencing capabilities is all you need to have a productive 1:1 with a remote colleague (kind of like watching a cooking tutorial while you make dinner).

Over time, the meaning of the conference room has evolved from the classic 15-person space with a whiteboard to a variety of sizes and shapes to fit the needs of activity based tasks. And this evolution has given birth to lots of meeting room names that can be confusing in the midst of a busy workday.So we decided to create a conference room glossary to clear up confusion and guide you through your next meeting room booking experience. That way you leave each meeting feeling well fed and prepared for your next meal.

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