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Make Conference Room Scheduling Easier: Solving Calendar Tetris

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The Robin Team
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If someone has asked you to move a meeting at the last minute and left you scrambling to check calendars and time slots, you have experienced “Calendar Tetris.” It’s a game that’s not as fun as regular Tetris, and for many office managers and admins, the thought of accommodating something at a moment’s notice can cause anxiety, stress and the inability to smile.

It’s not fun.

To help you solve Calendar Tetris, here are three tips.

Have a bird’s eye view of your calendar

Too many people live in this world when looking at what rooms are available:

Finding a time to meet when everyone's calendar looks like this isn't easy.

Let’s be honest with each other. There should be a better way other than color coordinating a slew of events. What about this?

Finding a meeting room doesn't have to be difficult with robin's meeting room scheduling platform

Having a bird's eye view of what the day looks like for each room will help relieve some of that stress you saw in the first screenshot. Choose the time range, day of the week; everything reflects what you have in your native calendar system. Now, when someone asks you to move a meeting at the last minute, you can quickly see and book a meeting room that best fits their needs.

Bring the power of search to the office

If you’ve ever used OpenTable or Airbnb, you’re probably familiar with a search that’s focused around your needs. What if you could have that same level of search, minus the pizza, croissants and sushi, and add in a bunch of projectors, Apple TVs and chairs? It would look a little like this:

Easily see which spaces are available when. Book a conference room with one click.

Filtering helps you find the right room for the meeting you're booking. If there are two people in your meeting, it might not make as much sense to book an eight-person room. Likewise, if you're looking for a particular feature of a room, like an Apple TV, you can filter rooms based on resources like that, to make sure the room you booked is equipped to handle whatever you'll need.

Stop meeting room theft and no-show meetings

Offices that use Robin see 21-24% of their meetings as no-shows

Steering the ship of the office can be a difficult task day in and day out, especially if this happens to you. If someone books a meeting and someone else is in it, it shouldn’t be your headache to deal with. That’s why color coordinating tablets outside of rooms are great signs that tell those squatters that room is taken.

Conference room signage makes it clear when spaces are available and being used.

Instead of letting a room sit idle if no one checks in, Robin will unbook a meeting to make sure the information on your calendar is as up-to-date as possible.You should feel empowered, not overwhelmed. And calendar tetris? That’s a thing of the past.

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