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Famous desks throughout history: Best of January

famous figures at a desk
The Robin Team
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Inside info on famous entrepreneurs, inventors, scientists and writers is often hard to find. At Robin, we're always on the prowl for the tricks or habits that led these people to great success. Were they simply born with it? Or was there some magic fairy dust scattered inside their famous desks?Each month we search the deep, dark web for prominent birthdays to discover the desks that propelled these people into stardom. Then, we share the fun facts on Twitter.Here are our top ten from January:

1. J.R.R. Tolkien: January 3, 1892

Happy Birthday to #JRRTolkien. The master writer had a cluttered desk that held his smoking instruments: a dark-brown wooden tobacco jar, a Toby jug containing pipes, and a large bowl for ash. #famousdesks

— Robin (@robinpowered) January 3, 2018

2. Stephen Hawking: January 8, 1942

Wishing a celestial birthday to #StephenHawking. His desk includes a figurine of himself from @TheSimpsons and a space shuttle model, among other mementos. #famousdesks

— Robin (@robinpowered) January 8, 2018

3. Simone de Beauvoir: January 9, 1908

Joyeux Anniversaire to #SimonedeBeauvoir. Her desk was covered in sheets of paper with drafts of her philosophical musings and reading notes. #famousdesks

— Robin (@robinpowered) January 9, 2018

4. Alexander Hamilton: January, 11 1757

Wishing a happy birthday to #AlexanderHamilton. His portable desk was made of rich Spanish mahogany and paired with brass fittings. #famousdesks

— Robin (@robinpowered) January 11, 2018

5. John Hancock: January 23, 1737

Time to wish #JohnHancock a Happy Birthday. He used his desk to sign important documents like the Declaration of Independence with his renowned signature. #famousdesks

— Robin (@robinpowered) January 23, 2018

6. Virginia Woolf: January 25, 1882

Celebrating the birthday of #VirginiaWoolf. Another early adopter of the standing desk, her workspace was 3ft 6in high and had a sloping top. #famousdesks

— Robin (@robinpowered) January 25, 2018

7. Bessie Coleman: January 26, 1892

Happy birthday to aviator #BessieColeman. When she wasn’t in her aerial workspace, she’d be learning radio equipment. #famousdesks

— Robin (@robinpowered) January 26, 2018

8. Oprah Winfrey: January 29, 1954

Wishing a happy birthday to #OprahWinfrey. She designed her own desk with the help of interior designer Anthony P. Browne and furniture designer David Linley. #famousdesks

— Robin (@robinpowered) January 29, 2018

9. Douglas Engelbart: January 30, 1925

Happy birthday to the #DouglasEngelbart, the man behind one of the greatest desk icons ever: the computer mouse. His desk held the first prototype, introduced in the now famous “Mother of All Demos.” #famousdesks

— Robin (@robinpowered) January 30, 2018

10. Jackie Robinson: January 31, 1919

Celebrating the birthday of #JackieRobinson today. The baseball legend turned Chock Full o'Nuts VP had a nameplate on his desk when he needed no introduction. #famousdesks

— Robin (@robinpowered) January 31, 2018


Stay tuned on Twitter to see what famous desks we dig up next month. Let us know what famous business people inspire you. Who knows what we can find about their desks.

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