How to Organize Your Office Using Campuses and Levels

The Robin Team
The Robin Team
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image of office layout and map

Last month we introduced a new office settings page and an improved way to manage spaces and buildings within Robin. As part of this update, we added level and campus options to cover more types of office hierarchy and make it easier to find the right space to work within larger organizations. Adding levels and campuses to your office makes it easier to search for “San Francisco rooms with whiteboards” or "Boston West spaces on the 10th floor".

How most offices are setup today

The organization below has three buildings and many spaces on different floors. An admin added numbers to some space names but there is no way to limit search results to a specific floor. Finding rooms in San Francisco requires selecting multiple buildings and locating a room once it’s reserved may result in many extra steps on your fitness tracker.

Add better filtering, campuses, and levels

To make it easier to find rooms in either San Francisco building the company added a campus. A campus is a group of nearby buildings. You might refer to campuses by city or country (e.g. Boston Office, Singapore), whereas buildings in the campus would be East/West, nicknames, or street addresses.

The organization has also added levels to make it possible search for rooms on a specific floor. A level identifies a floor in a building. Levels are optional and spaces are still organized by building as a default.

Grouping spaces by level also eliminates the need to run through a large building to find a space. No one wants to show up to their annual review out of breath.For more tips on organizing your office see our guide on adding levels and campuses.

What’s next?

More updates to office settings are in the works. We’re continuing to work on simplifying space management. For example, we think admins should be able to apply permissions and settings by level and campus.

Let us know what you think about the expanded hierarchy options or reach out to our support team if you need help adding campuses and levels to your company.