The Ingredients of Robin, Part 1: Room displays

Room displays. They’re the digital windows into your conference rooms, and usually the introduction to Robin. As a compliment to the calendar systems you already use for room booking and management, we consider the room display to be the first ingredient for a well-run office.

Room displays solve two main problems: no show meetings and double booking.

To fully understand how a room display can be most helpful for you and your company, there are a few questions to ask: Are rooms being overbooked? Or are there actually plenty of rooms, but they’re being booked and then people aren’t showing up for the meeting?

These questions plague many companies, but having the answer can save you tons of time and money.

Mounting a tablet outside your conference rooms provides more than just a static sign. The display shows the full day’s schedule for the room, and changes to red when a room is in use. In addition to reporting the daily schedule, the uses of the tablet can be honed in on to reflect what’s best used and most helpful for your company. 

rooms-custom-image 1

The powers of the room display with Robin

Robin fully integrates with whichever calendar system you’re already using, and the tablet can be fully customized and themed to show pictures of the room, or the branding of your company. It can do much more than that, though.

  • It can show you the schedule for the room for the day
  • It can show you what other rooms are available in real time
  • You can report a problem right from the room display (ex: maybe the Apple TV is broken)

In this five-part blog series, you’ll learn about the ingredients that make up Robin, and why we’re so excited to build the future of the connected office; starting with conference rooms.

Want to learn more about room displays? We have a page all about it: