Link Your Calendar Events

The Robin Team
The Robin Team
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screenshot of Robin and calendars

Every event you create in Robin holds lots of information that until now, wasn’t super easy to access. But today we’re excited to share with you a feature we’ve been working on to make that much easier.There are now dedicated pages for your calendar events.

All Your Events in One Place

This new feature does a few things:

  • Puts all your events under the calendar icon on the top right part of the dashboard
  • Pulls in everything from amenities to integrations and details
  • Displays it as a page, so the event can be shared with coworkers and edited from one place

Here’s what that looks like:


This update also lays the groundwork for expanded event integrations, which make events easier to share without having to dig through a painfully long description for information. Here’s an example of what we’ve begun working on, starting with smart link detection.