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The Robin Team
The Robin Team
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Summary: Trends in the workplace are rapidly changing. Over the course of only a few years the cubical height have shrunk to zero. Layouts in the office have changed from closed and static to open and collaborative. Furniture continue to evolve as well as the technology within them. We are not far away from connected furniture that have APIs people can hack.

Key Takeaways:

  • Posture has changed with mobile device use and furniture has begun to change with it.
  • Generation Y is working differently than the previous generation but not as much as we thought.
  • There is a "couch shell" trend where the louder spaces are the outer perimeter while the closer you get to the center the more quiet it becomes.
  • Large firms adopting open workspaces are constricting square footage by nearly 15% due to a flexible and mobile workforce. Leading to far better space utilization metrics.
  • Spaces are opting to build non-permanent seating and build lockers for storage.

What We Think? With the workspace changing everyday technology can lend a hand. Presence in an open office can help with finding a coworker quickly, effectively booking private rooms and understanding how the space is being used.