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The Barbarian Group Empowered Employees with Space Management Software


Marketing and Advertising

149 employees

15 spaces


Lack of transparency

Calendars not syncing when a meeting ended early and freed the room

No show meetings


Robin Spaces


The Barbarian Group has been leading the marketing and advertising world for over a decade.

Using Google exclusively to book conference rooms, The Barbarian Group found that rooms weren't being freed up when meetings ended early.

In an emergency situation, you couldn't tell which rooms were actually free to use. We ended up having to have a separate email list to request rooms and ask about room status. - Nick Bonadies, Director of IT and Office Management

Barbarian Group office design


The Barbarian Group chose Robin for its ability to seamlessly integrate into their Google Apps environment and unbook no-show meetings.

"Before, it was the wild west, and now it's really clear how rooms are being used," said Bonadies.

With Robin's analytics feature, Bonadies was able to see what rooms were being used most and why.

It turns out our most used conference room had a cork wall. We took another room with similar amenities that wasn’t being used as often and added a cork wall. Turns out people love cork walls, and all of a sudden that room was booked more frequently.

The Barbarian Group office design

A look into the future

Bonadies can see additional use cases for Robin as the company continues to grow, one being bookable offices. “I could definitely see a world where personal offices are bookable,” he said. "If an art director and a creative director have offices, they can book that room in Robin so everyone would know there's a meeting happening in there. Then, if they were out of the office, it would be one more place with resources to book a room. That would be something that Robin would help facilitate."

You'll be in great company

The best run offices already schedule their work spaces with Robin.

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