The Clubhouse Effect: Creating a New Post-Pandemic Office (Episodes 1-5)

DEPT: The Clubhouse Effect, Creating a Post-pandemic Office



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“Our feedback said smaller spaces built for collaboration closer to home. ‘People told us focus work is for home. I will work at a desk when I’m there. I want to come to an office to see people and work together’ and that was our primary use case”

After the initial lockdown, DEPT, a cutting-edge, digital media agency, decided it was time to reimagine their workplace strategy. With the switch to virtual-first work, they knew their team’s needs were changing, and their office would need to follow suit.

DEPT’s workplace team took this as an opportunity to re-evaluate their processes, space, and technology. They decided the best solution would be to transition to smaller clubhouse style offices, giving their teams the flexibility to work where they feel most productive and taking advantage of the opportunity to save on real-estate costs.

In 5 episodes, we follow along on their journey and take a closer look at how they enabled collaboration and optimized their new offices with Robin. From implementing new tools to moving office spaces, they transformed their workplace to better support their distributed teams.

Episode guide:

01: Rethink Your Office Strategy
In a post-pandemic world, the traditional office model just doesn’t cut it. As a result, DEPT sets out to reimagine their workplace strategy to support virtual first work.

02: Staring at a Blank Canvas
For DEPT, a new workplace strategy means a new smaller office. Guided by employee feedback, they start the process of finding the right space in downtown Boston.

03: The Best Laid Plans
Contracts are signed and a new office is secured, next step is designing a space people want to be in. DEPT takes on the challenge of creating a variety of spaces that enhance the workplace experience.

04: The Deadline Approaches
With plans in motion, DEPT is excited to bring their new vibrant workplace to life, but what happens when outside factors affect their progress? Plans have to change in order to meet their launch party timeline.

05: Lessons Learned
After a successful launch party it’s time to see if the office is working. The DEPT team turns to Robin to collect data, so they can make necessary improvements for the future.

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