Salsify gets a Pulse on Conference Room Availability and Office Support

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In a few short years, Salsify has helped a lot of the world’s biggest brands up their commerce game. That success meant adding more great people to the team, filling up their office in downtown Boston.

People would routinely grab conference rooms that looked open but were booked, with people showing up minutes later to find someone on a call in a room they'd booked. We needed something that would support us as we grew. And stop the fierce arm-wrestling competitions to win a meeting room slot. - Jeremy Redburn, Cofounder and VP of Product


Salsify chose Robin because of the ability to help them have a pulse on what rooms were actually free and which ones weren’t, as well as the support to make sure they were successful moving forward.

There’s way less camping out in rooms and a much better sense of the utilization of rooms. This helped us plan for the right mix of types and sizes of meeting and office spaces in our recent move.

"The Robin feature we love most is the ability to book ad-hoc meetings right there at the tablet. We’re very excited to try the Slack integration that we just enabled in our new expanded office.”

Bigger than features, Redburn says that Robin’s support was huge in their decision. “It gave us the confidence that it would work, and it did.”

A look into the future

Salsify recently moved into a much larger office in the heart of Boston as the company continues to grow and add more members to the team. With over 30 conference rooms, Redburn is excited about getting Robin into the hands of more and more employees, potentially being used more than Google Calendar itself.

“Conference and call rooms are always at a premium, so making booking easy and transparent is a huge asset. We’ll continue to evaluate Robin’s ability as a broader scheduling tool as our needs outgrow the native Google calendar process.”

Built for your workplace

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