Hot Desking & Office Hoteling Software

Manage workstations simply, with Desks

Flexibility encouraged: assign permanent workstations, create reservable desks, or provide a seat on the fly

Employees are in the know and in control of their workspace

The entire company can answer common questions like: “Where is my new desk?” and “Where does Alfred sit?” as well as choose where they want to work for the day. All in a hot desking platform where they already organize their work schedule.

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Where does Alfred sit?

Find the cluster of desks where your colleagues sit

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Office seating plans powered by software, not spreadsheets

Shuffling seats disrupts the office. Robin cuts down the changes you have to make, so you can arrange workspaces with confidence and avoid interruption.

Simplify your seating
  • Get more out of your existing office space to avoid expanding too early
  • Communicate simply if and when seat owners change
  • Make colleagues easier to find, especially when you combine Desks with Maps
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Fire up activity-based work with desk reservations

Finally, desk reservation software everyone will enjoy using. Choose which desks will be bookable with a platform that gets scheduling right so employees trust in the system.

Flexible hot desking
  • Customize the options from same day to advance reservations
  • Allow employees to manage where they sit day-to-day or week-to-week with upcoming desk reservations

Easy to set up, easier to maintain

Organize and update everything about a desk, including the location, accessories, and who sits there. Tap into insights to see how your organization uses workstations and make informed decisions about your space.

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Accessorize your desks

Change what each desk contains, or template a few

Assigned or reservable

Set policies that best suit your office

Make the most of your workplace

Office space can cost up to $18K per employee, if not more. Make the most of your workspace with Robin Desks.

Put Desks to work for you

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