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Plan seating for the whole office, without a single spreadsheet

However you manage seating charts, Robin Desks is an easier option. Create one that’s simple to update as new hires start, remote employees visit, or someone changes their desk for the afternoon.

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Let your teams manage themselves

You’re already changing seats regularly today — hiring, shuffling teams, promotions, etc. Robin’s built-in controls help you involve more of the team and share changes instantly via easy-to-read maps. People can book a hot desk on the fly via mobile or touch-screen status board.

Make your office visible to everyone

With a real-time floorplan, everyone’s in the know. Office admins no longer have to be the gatekeepers for desk reservations or the welcoming committee for remote employees. Find anyone quickly and easily.

“With Robin, everyone knows where they’re going to sit everyday, whether it’s with a specific team or by themselves. And with the map tool, no one has to ask me where anyone sits. It's a huge time saver for everybody.”

Heather Metcalfe, Office Manager, Health Catalyst

Seating plans that are easy to set up and even easier to maintain

Copy and paste similar desk configurations onto your office seating plan using templates, or import the whole company at once. Organize each desk with full control over amenities, locations, and assignments from the same place.

See your office, powered by Robin

We'll show you how Robin's office seating chart and desk reservation software can help, share success stories, and how to get started.

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