Collect and analyze workplace feedback

To understand what your employees want out of an office space, you need to go straight to the source. Make better decisions with Robin’s Workplace Experience Report.

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Build employee feedback loops for a better experience

Hybrid work means that employees have a choice about when and where they work. With Robin’s new workplace experience report, you can collect genuine feedback from employees, regardless of location.

  • Ask employees to rate their workplace experience and share feedback on how things went.
  • Remove the friction from sharing comments or opinions about the workplace and office amenities.
  • Build trust with employees by actively listening to their ideas and adjusting workplace plans accordingly.

Listen, learn and act - all in one app

Collect and review feedback all from the same tool you use to manage the rest of your office. No more juggling between workplace tools, feedback spreadsheets and seating lists.

  • Make workplace changes with confidence.
  • Review feedback and sort by date, location or rating.
  • Ditch the messy spreadsheets and streamline processes.
Office hot desking

Reintroduce the office with Robin

Robin offers a complete toolkit for running the office — from managing meeting rooms, flexible workstations and guest experiences.

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